Region Four Championship

The AQHA Region Four Steering Committee explains its decision to suspend the 2013 Region Four Championship.

Ohio Quarter Horse Association
January 18, 2013

Madison Adkins and McKalah Martin at the 2012 Region Four Championship photo by Connie Lechleitner

Madison Adkins and McKalah Martin at the 2012 Region Four Championship. (Connie Lechleitner photo)

Everyone is saddened that the AQHA Region Four Championship Steering Committee was forced to make the difficult decision to suspend the 2013 AQHA Region Four Championship. The steering committee is made up of representatives of each affiliate within the region: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Ontario and West Virginia.   

Due to the change in the calendar, the Ohio State Fair dates moved forward and eliminated the Region Four dates. The steering committee looked at other dates at the Ohio Expo Center and there were conflicts with existing shows. The steering committee wanted to be respectful of established shows that were in conflict with options for this year’s Region Four Championship, as many of these established shows are integral to our affiliates in numerous ways and would jeopardize their year-end awards, futurity programs, world show qualifying and financial status.

The steering committee also looked at other facilities in Ohio and other states in the region. No locations or facilities could accommodate the needs of region four.  The steering committee also looked at combining the Region Four Championship with an existing show. All of the investigations lead to dead ends, so the steering committee unanimously made the difficult decision to suspend the show in 2013, but to immediately start exploring locations and facilities for 2014.

 The steering committee, as well as all workers at the show, volunteer their time with no compensation. Some judges also donate their time. The Ohio Quarter Horse Association office handles all correspondence, all pre-entries and supplies all the computer systems for the show at no charge.

“I hope this brief explanation gives a little more insight into how dedicated the committee has been over the years and why the committee made this very difficult decision for 2013,” said OQHA Executive Director Dr. Scott Myers.