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Qualify through your affiliate for the AQHA Novice championships.

Qualifying Period:  July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015
  • Points counted for the Novice Championship shows will be computed in accordance with the AQHA qualifying period (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014).
  • Points for qualifying will be computed in the same manner as points for year-end awards.
  • The top three individuals in each Novice class offered at the Novice Championship shows that is not nationally qualified will be invited to the Novice Championship shows as a state qualifier.
  • There will only be invitations extended in classes where there was participation.
  • No invitations will be sent or transferred to exhibitors who did not show in said classes and were not in the top three state qualifiers for that particular class.
  • If a class is offered at the Championship Show that is not offered at GQHA shows and a GQHA member is interested in attending, an invitation may be offered to that individual if they have showed in other GQHA classes.

How GQHA Points are Calculated for Year-End Awards

  1. Owner(s), as shown on the horse’s AQHA registration papers, must be a member in good standing before points earned by a horse count toward year-end awards.  Points will accumulate from the date of membership and will not be retroactive, except in the case of dues and application received by the GQHA treasurer within 24 hours of the completion of a circuit. In such cases, points earned during that circuit/show will count.
    1. The word owner, as it is used on any occasion in these rules, denotes the person(s), farm or organization whose name properly appears last on a horse’s registration papers. If more than one name appears in the ownership, each owner must be a member in order for the horse to receive points. If a corporation, farm or partnership is the owner, then the corporation, farm or partnership must have a membership in that name in order for the horse to receive points. A horse may also accumulate points as an AQHA-allowed leased horse. If leased, a copy of the lease must be filed with the GQHA points secretary.
  2. All points will be accumulated on a one-horse, one-rider basis.  Only open points are transferable to a new owner, provided the new owner is also a paid member in good standing of the GQHA. For youth only, if a horse dies or becomes permanently disabled for that calendar year, points totaled on a new horse will be totaled with points won by the dead or disabled horse. Death or disability must be certified in writing by a veterinarian and copies mailed to the GQHA secretary and GQHYA youth adviser within 10 days of such incident. A youth may not transfer points in halter classes under any circumstance. Once the youth begins showing the second horse, no more points may be earned on the disabled horse for the remainder of the year. If there is no substitution, points earned on the dead/disabled horse will stand for year-end awards.
  3. The GQHA board shall determine which shows will be approved to earn GQHA points each year and the number of shows which will be used to determine year-end winners.
  4. A minimum of 10 GQHA points must be earned in an event to qualify for year-end awards.
  5. For purpose of calculating the year-end awards, the following point system will be used.
    1. A horse will receive one point for every horse in the class, with a maximum of 9 points possible. For example, in a 10-horse class, points are to be awarded 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1;  in a five-horse class points will be awarded 5,4,3,2,1; in a one-horse class points will be awarded 1. A disqualification is awarded no point value.
    2. For halter classes: The grand champion will receive at least one point more than any other horse (yearling or older) in its sex division unless theirs was the largest class, then there will be no additional points awarded above the class win points. The reserve champion will receive as many points as any other horse (yearling or older) in its sex division, except the grand champion.