Show Promotion Kit

Get the resources you need to promote your next AQHA-approved horse show.

We're excited to offer you a complete online warehouse of resources to help promote your AQHA show! 

This marketing assistance program provides you with new and improved tools to help attract potential competitors and spectators to your event. Everything on this Web site is provided free of charge and is immediately available for you to download and print locally.

Download the mail-in order form (pdf) and select specific brochures and posters that will be the most effective for your event. Remember that normal processing time is at least four weeks, or up to eight weeks internationally, so please submit this order form well in advance of your event(s).

If you want help promoting your AQHA event, or would like to learn other ways to promote to the media, contact AQHA's Addie Davis today!

AQHA Show Posters

Promote your AQHA event at open shows, in feed and tack stores, during 4-H events and other AQHA shows with our library of AQHA show posters!  Each poster has plenty of space for you to personalize with your event information.

• Introductory Show Poster
• Novice Show Poster
• Team Penning & Ranch Sorting Poster
• Select Show Poster
• Generic Show Poster
• Speed Event Show Poster
• Versatility Ranch Horse Show Poster

Media Releases

Press release (PDF) – Use this press release template to personalize information about your event and submit it to your local newspaper and other publications.

Radio DJ script (PDF) – Radio stations have a quota of public service announcement time to fill as well as their calendar of events announcements. This is perfect information for them to utilize.

AQHA Promotional Items

AQHA provides all membership brochures and educational booklets free of charge as PDF downloads. You can download the forms and booklets you need and print them locally - saving you valuable time and money. Check out these great resources to help you get the most from your AQHA event!

Guide to Foaling (PDF) – Brought to you by the Incentive Fund and The American Quarter Horse Journal
How to Get Free Publicity (PDF) – Download this handy guide to help you get free publicity for your event!