AQHA's educational judging seminars are open to any AQHA member interested in learning more about how classes are judged.

It’s no secret that judging and showing American Quarter Horses are perfected arts. Competitors around the world work each day to improve their riding position, make their reining circles rounder and train their horses to avoid ticking a trail log.

  • When you leave the show arena, do you ever wonder how your score or placing was calculated? 
  • Would you like to know how judges are professionally trained? 
  • Or, would you simply enjoy insight on the areas you need to perfect the next time you enter your next American Quarter Horse show?  

If you answered "yes," then the AQHA educational judging seminars are the answer! AQHA judging seminars are open to current AQHA-approved judges, potential judge candidates and exhibitors wishing to learn more about how American Quarter Horses are judged at approved shows.

Bring your clients, invite local judges or simply come by yourself. You can learn firsthand what it takes to exit the arena with top honors and be confident that you're following AQHA guidelines when you're picking the next world champion.


March 2015 Educational Judging Seminar
-Dates and locations will be announced later this year.