Judges Resources

AQHA judges can find the forms and databases they need to get their job done right. Plus, we help you prepare for the next judges conference call.

Welcome to the complete resource for American Quarter Horse Association approved judges. You'll find a complete judges database and the charts and forms you need to make your job as an AQHA judge efficient and enjoyable.

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Judges Score Sheets

The judges score sheets can be found under Resources under the "Judges" heading.

Judges Conference Calls

Be ready for the next judges conference call, spearheaded by AQHA Senior Director of Judges Alex Ross.The calls will be at 7 p.m. CDT.

 Date of Call
 Show Dates Covered During Call
 May 13, 2014
 May 14 - June 17
 June 17, 2014
 June 18 - July 15
 July 15, 2014
 July 16 - August 12
 August 12, 2014
 August 13 - September 16
 September 16, 2014
September 17 - October 7
 October 7, 2014
October 8 - December 31


Contact Us

Contact the Judges department at (806) 376-4811, or email Alex Ross: aross@aqha.org.