Select World Points Lowered

AQHA lowers the qualifying points for the Adequin Select World Championship Show due to the EHV-1 virus.

To help ease AQHA Select exhibitors’ minds and proactively help professionals and exhibitors make educated decisions, the AQHA Executive Committee today opted to lower qualifying points for the Adequan Select World Championship Show. The decision to lower the points was a result of the timing of the May 31 qualifying deadline for the Adequan Select and the recently reported cases of equine herpesvirus-1 myeloencephalopathy in the western United States. The Adequan Select is August 28 - September 3 in Amarillo.

Since first learning of the recent cases of EHV-1, AQHA has received numerous phone calls from trainers, exhibitors and show managers primarily from states that have confirmed cases of EHV-1 or border states that have confirmed cases. Several show managers have either voluntarily canceled or are considering cancellation of their shows this weekend, and some exhibitors have expressed their reluctance to move their horses out of concern of potentially exposing them to EHV-1.

“We believe it’s reasonable and responsive to our Select exhibitors struggling with the decision to try to gather a final half point or point and qualify for the Adequan Select to do the conscientious thing,” said AQHA President Peter J. Cofrancesco III of Sparta, New Jersey. “Regardless of whether someone is trying to qualify for the Adequan Select, we want to continue to provide them with information regarding EHV-1 so that they can make educated decisions that they feel are right for their horses. If that means skipping a show in these final two weeks and erring on the side of caution, we want to support that decision.”

Here are the qualifying-point reductions for the 2011 Adequan Select World Championship Show:

  • 1 to 4.5 points needed to qualify will be reduced by .5 point
  • 5 to 9.5 points needed to qualify will be reduced by 1 point
  • 10 and greater needed to qualify will be reduced by 2 points

To view the updated qualifying points, click here.

Qualifying points for exhibitors 70 and older are not affected by this reduction.

Also, as a precautionary measure, AQHA and the National Cutting Horse Association have jointly agreed to support show managers’ decisions to voluntarily cancel dual-approved cutting events this weekend (May 20-22). In addition, AQHA will work with its show managers who choose to voluntarily cancel an entire show or cutting classes that are being offered at AQHA-approved shows this weekend. This affects a total of approximately 90 shows. There is no mandatory requirement from AQHA that a show cancel, and the Association is working with state veterinary offices and industry professionals to draft some guidelines that show management can use, given concerns over the EHV-1 virus.

Equine herpesvirus-1 myeloencephalopathy is another name for the neurologic disease associated with equine herpesvirus infections, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Neurological signs appear as a result of damage to blood vessels in the brain and spinal cord associated with EHV infection. Interference with the blood supply leads to tissue damage and a subsequent loss in normal function of areas in the brain and spinal cord. The disease is not transferable to humans.

AQHA will continue to monitor the EHV-1 situation, which appears to be isolated at this time, and the AQHA World Show qualifying period, which ends July 31, to determine if any course of action for that November show is necessary. For now, given the timing of the end of its qualifying period, the point reduction only applies to the Adequan Select World Show.

Go to AQHA’s website  to keep up with the latest news and information regarding the recently reported EHV-1 cases.