Fundamentals of Horsemanship

AQHA's Fundamentals of Horsemanship program will improve your relationship with your horse, no matter what your areas of interest.

The industry's most comprehensive horse teaching tool can be yours to own today!

fundamentals of horsemanship programSolid fundamentals are the key to success in the saddle. AQHA's Fundamentals of Horsemanship will give you the inspiration, skills and confidence to create a more rewarding relationship with your horse. It's an incredible value no horse owner should be without. AQHA's Fundamentals of Horsemanship is based on the foundational philosophy used by La Cense Montana Ranch.

AQHA's Fundamentals of Horsemanship will help:

  • New horse owners learn step-by-step methods to a sound riding foundation
  • Seasoned riders reinforce and refine core skills
  • All riders build a better relationship with their favorite partner.

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AQHA members -- $19.95
Non-members -- $24.95

Each installment includes a book and companion DVD.

A message from William Kriegel, Founder of La Cense:

Dear Horse Enthusiast,

Horses are my passion, education my mission.

We at La Cense are very proud of the results of our educational partnership with AQHA, the world’s largest single-breed equine registry and membership organization. We believe that our partnership has created the best horsemanship system for developing reliable horses, deserving of your care and devotion.

AQHA’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship is no ordinary system for training horses; it is a unique program designed to teach people to teach horses, and represents decades of experience in the art of horsemanship. It is produced by a team of dedicated professionals, all of whom share a love of horses and a genuine passion for developing an unrivalled process for educating them.

Start building your riding skills now!

The program is, without a doubt, a friendly but rigorous, intensive system; accordingly, it is presented here in a highly structured fashion. This dedication to precision is the backbone of the system’s success. We have examined and reexamined the efficacy of our procedures over 20 years of education in the United States and overseas - not only on the La Cense Montana ranch but in academic environments as well. Here in the U.S.,

La Cense partners with the University of Montana-Western to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Practical Horsemanship; in France, La Cense created and manages the first European school accredited by the Federation Francaise d’Equitation to specialize in equine ethology - horsemanship.

Become a part of system's success!

Our goal at La Cense is to provide our community members with a lifetime of safe and happy riding, alongside a singularly trustworthy horse. We are confident that the method put forward in AQHA’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship is the best way to achieve this.