RAC311. Disciplinary Actions



  • RAC311.1  Upon official notice to AQHA by the disciplining Racing Authority, a person who is suspended or otherwise disciplined by a Racing Authority for their conduct associated with an AQHA recognized race may be suspended or disciplined by AQHA for the following:
    • RAC311.1.1  positive lab result involving forbidden substances detected in horses entered in a race;
    • RAC311.1.2  positive lab result involving an overage of a conditionally permitted therapeutic medication;
    • RAC311.1.3  possession of electrical devices in the course of a recognized race meeting;
    • RAC311.1.4  racing a ringer for fraudulent purposes; and
    • RAC311.1.5  multiple offenses for the same ownership.

AQHA will provide notice of its acceptance of such ruling or disciplinary action to the suspended or disciplined person. 

  • RAC311.2  In addition to affording reciprocity to a racing authority, AQHA reserves the right to impose additional fines, suspend AQHA membership privileges and suspend participation privileges (both individual and horse) in AQHA approved/recognized events.  Included within such disciplinary actions are those disciplinary actions set forth in AQHA’s Multiple Medication Violations System (MMVS).  The MMVS sets forth penalties for trainers, owners and horses subject of positive drug tests, and, in particular, is designed to assess penalties against trainers, owners and horses subject of positive drug tests for forbidden substances and/or subject of multiple positive drug tests involving forbidden substances and/or overages of therapeutic medications.  A copy of the MMVS can be found on the Racing Welfare and Medication web page at aqha.com/racing.

  • RAC311.3  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in AQHA’s Disciplinary and Appeal Procedure Rules, no person who is suspended or disciplined by a Racing Authority and/or under Rules RAC311.1-2 shall be entitled to a hearing before the Executive Committee or an AQHA hearing committee.
  • RAC311.3 A horse may not receive an official speed index or racing points for having started in the race, if:
    • RAC311.3.1 its owner is:
      • RAC311.3.1.1 currently under AQHA suspension;
      • RAC311.3.1.2 ineligible for a license; or
      • RAC311.3.1.3 ineligible to participate under the rules of any racing authority or breed registry
    • RAC311.3.2 a racing authority disqualifies the horse from the race.
  • RAC311.4 Any racing authority or breed registry ruling involving horses registered by AQHA or affecting personnel engaged in American Quarter Horse racing shall be filed with AQHA unless the fine is less than $500 or the suspension is less than 90 days.
  • RAC311.5 AQHA, in cooperation with ARCI, can provide informa- tion on licensing, rulings and racing statistics for American Quarter Horse trainers. This information may be requested by contacting AQHA’s Racing Department.