RAC306. Stakes and Restricted Stakes Races



  • RAC306.1 In order to be eligible for AQHA recognition as a stakes or restricted stakes race, the following conditions must be met:
    • RAC306.1.1 nominations must close more than 48 hours before the first race of the day on which the stakes or restricted stakes are to be run;
    • RAC306.1.2 the track must provide AQHA with the conditions and purse structure (nomination, sustaining and entry fees, added monies and gross purse distribution);
    • RAC306.1.3 the race must have a minimum purse of:
      • RAC306.1.3.1 $15,000 U.S. funds if conducted in the United States;
      • RAC306.1.3.2 $15,000 Canadian funds if conducted in Canada; or
      • RAC306.1.3.3 $7,500 U.S. funds based on the conversion rate on each race day if conducted anywhere other than United States or Canada.
    • RAC306.1.4 have stakes of $50 or more posted by each of the owners of the participating horses. This requirement shall be waived if the race in question is an invitational stakes race or an invitational handicap race for which owners do not contribute to the purse, but which is advertised in the regular stakes program.
  • RAC306.2 A race that is otherwise eligible for AQHA recognition as a stakes or restricted stakes race shall not be deemed ineligible for such recognition if monies or prizes additional to those referenced above are added.
  • RAC306.3 A stakes race may not be restricted or exclude entries in any way other than age or sex.
  • RAC306.4 Match races are not eligible for stakes or restricted stakes recognition.
  • RAC306.5 Any trial races, with the exception of the Z Wayne Griffin Directors trials, are not eligible for stakes/blacktype status.
  • RAC306.6 The following types of races are the only types of races that are eligible for restricted stakes recognition:
    • RAC306.6.1 Races restricted to state of breeding, foaling and/or ownership;
    • RAC306.6.2 Races in which state breds are preferred;
    • RAC306.6.3 Races restricted to those horses sold in a certain sale or sales with at least 50 yearlings consigned rep- resenting at least eight stallions. A minimum of $5,000 added to each race is required.
    • RAC306.6.4 Races restricted to the progeny of a restricted group of stallions, provided:
      • RAC306.6.4.1 the stallions involved are the property of a minimum of five distinct owners, and
      • RAC306.6.4.2 the foals eligible for the race represent a minimum of eight stallions on the original nomination list.
  • RAC306.7 Annually, AQHA will consider for grading, all eligible stakes and restricted stakes races as outlined in the Graded Stakes Committee Guidelines. In order for AQHA to grade a stakes or restricted stakes race, such race must limit entry and competition to only American Quarter Horses registered with the American Quarter Horse Association. Stakes may be graded as Grade 1, 2 or 3, with Grade 1 being the highest grade. Restricted stakes may be graded as Restricted 1, 2 or 3, with Restricted 1 being the highest grade. Primary consideration for grading will be the quality of horses attracted to the race and such factors as competition, conditions, purse and prestige of the race.