RAC305. Time Trials


RAC305. TIME TRIALS. In the absence of specific conditions for particular elimination or time trial races, the following rules shall apply.

  • RAC305.1 Except in cases where the starting gate physically restricts the number of horses starting, each time trial shall consist of no more than 10 horses.
  • RAC305.2 The time trials shall be raced under the same condi- tions as the final. If the time trials are conducted on the same day, the horses with the 10 fastest times shall qualify to participate in the final. If the time trials are conducted on two days, the horses with the five fastest times on the first day and the horses with the five fastest times on the second day shall qualify to participate in the final. When time trials are conducted on two days, the racing secretary shall make his/her best effort to split owners with more than one entry into separate days and/or time trials.
  • RAC305.3 If the track’s starting gate has less than 10 stalls, then the maximum number of qualifiers will correspond to the maximum number of starting gate post positions.
  • RAC305.4 Except in races around a turn, if only 11 or 12 horses are entered to run in time trials from a gate with 12 or more stalls, the track may choose to run a final only. If 11 or 12 horses participate in the final, only the first 10 finishers will receive purse money.
  • RAC305.5 In the time trials, horses shall qualify on the basis of time and order of finish. The times of the horses in the time trial will be determined to the limit of the timer. The only exception is when two or more horses have the same time in the same trial heat. Then the order of finish shall also determine the preference in qualifying for the final. Should two or more horses in different time trials have the same qualifying time to the limit of the timer for the final qualify- ing position(s), then a draw by public lot shall be conducted as directed by the stewards. Qualifying times in separate trials shall not be determined beyond the limit of the timer by comparing and/ or enlarging photo-finish images.
  • RAC305.6 Except in the case of disqualification, under no circumstances shall a horse qualify ahead of a horse that finished ahead of that horse in the official order of finish in a time trial.
  • RAC305.7 Should a horse be disqualified for interference during the running of a time trial, it shall receive the time of the horse it is immediately placed behind plus one hundredth of a second, or the maximum accuracy of the electronic timing device. No adjustments will be made in the times recorded in the time trials to account for head-wind, tail-wind, off-track, etc. If a horse is disqualified for interference with another horse causing loss of rider or the horse not to finish the race, the disqualified horse shall be given no time and that horse should not be eligible to run in the final.
  • RAC305.8 Should a malfunction occur with the electronic timer on any time trial, finalists from that time trial will then be determined by official hand times operated by three official and disinterested persons. The average of the three hand times will be utilized for the winning time, unless one of the hand times is clearly incorrect. In such cases, the average of the two accurate hand times will be uti- lized for the winning time; other horses shall be given times accord- ing to the order and margins of finish with the aid of the photo finish, if available.
  • RAC305.9 When there is a malfunction of the timer during some time trials, but the timer operates correctly in other time trials, the accurate electronic times shall not be discarded, nor shall the aver- age of the hand times be used for all time trials.
  • RAC305.10 If the accuracy of the electronic timer and/or the average of the hand times are questioned, the video of a time trial may be used by the stewards to estimate the winning time by count- ing the number of video frames in the race from the moment the starting gate stall doors are fully open parallel to the racing track. When the timer malfunctions and there are no hand times, the stew- ards may select qualifiers based on the video.
  • RAC305.11 Should there be a malfunction of the starting gate and one or more stall doors not open or open after the exact moment when the starter dispatches the field, the stewards may declare the horses with malfunctioning stall doors non-starters or may allow any horse whose stall door opened late, but still ran a time fast enough to qualify, to be declared a starter for qualifying purposes. If a horse breaks through the stall door, or the stall door opens prior to the exact moment the starter purposely dispatches the field, the horse may be declared a non-starter, and the stewards may direct that all entry fees be refunded. If one or more, but not all, stall doors open at the exact moment the starter purposely dispatches the field, these horses should be considered starters for qualifying purposes and placed according to their electronic time. If the electronic timer malfunctions in this instance, the average of the hand times, or if not available, the video may be utilized for the horses declared starters.
  • RAC305.12 If a horse should be scratched from the time trials, the horse’s owner shall not be eligible for a refund of the fees paid and shall not be allowed to enter the final. If a horse that qualified for the final should be unable to enter due to racing soundness or scratched for any reason other than a positive drug test or a rule violation, the horse shall be deemed to have earned and the owner will receive last place purse money. If more than one horse is scratched from the final, then those purse monies shall be added together and divided equally among those owners.
  • RAC305.13 If a qualifier for a final or consolation is disqualified for ineligibility or a rule violation after the time trials are declared official, but prior to entry for the final or consolation, the non- qualifier with the next fastest time shall replace the disqualified horse. If a qualifier is disqualified after entry for the final or consolation for any reason other than racing unsoundness, illness or death, if necessary, the purse shall be redistributed among the remaining qualifiers.