RAC304. Horse Ownership

  • RAC304.1 “AQHA Race Ownership Record” shall mean a horse’s official AQHA ownership record as it existed within AQHA’s ownership data system at the time of a race.
  • RAC304.2 A person shall be considered a “Record Owner” of a horse if such person is:
    • RAC304.2.1 listed as the owner per “AQHA Race Ownership Records”; or
    • RAC304.2.2 listed as the lessee per “AQHA Race Ownership Records”.
  • RAC304.3 For purposes of AQHA recognition and AQHA awards only, points and earnings earned as a result of a horse’s performance in a particular race (“AQHA Credit”) shall only be credited to the Record Owner of such horse for that race.
  • RAC304.4 AQHA recognizes that reporting services and/or racetracks, for purposes of their record keeping, may rely on certain documentation as being sufficient for their official and final determination/recognition of a person as being the owner of a horse. AQHA recognizes that such documentation might include, but not necessarily be limited to:
    • RAC304.4.1 an AQHA registration certificate presented to race officials;
    • RAC304.4.2 an AQHA lease certificate presented to race officials; or
    • RAC304.4.3 a valid transfer report presented to race officials. Notwithstanding such reliance and official and final determination/recognition by reporting services and/or race- tracks, if a person is not a Record Owner as defined in subsection RAC304.2 above, such person shall not receive the AQHA Credit referenced in subsection RAC304.3 above. This remains true even if AQHA official ownership records are subsequently updated after a race to reflect that such person was the owner of the horse at the time of the race.
  • RAC304.5 See REG124.6 for information on transferring horses claimed in claiming races.