RAC300. General Racing Provisions



RAC300.1 AQHA does not assume or accept duty or responsibility for safety at any race or races in regard to participants, third parties or participating horses.

RAC300.2 As an express condition of the privilege to participate at an AQHA-recognized race event, each owner of an American Quarter Horse, trainer and participant assumes the risks of participation and releases and discharges AQHA, its officers, directors, representatives and employees from any and all liability, whenever or however arising, as to personal injury or property damage occur- ring as a result of participation in a race event.

RAC300.3 In cases where races eligible for AQHA recognition are run under the supervision of a Racing Authority, the Racing Author- ity’s rules take precedence. While rules of Racing Authorities take precedence, AQHA, for purposes of AQHA records and programs, reserves the right to deny or revoke recognition of a race which does not observe the rules and regulations contained herein. American Quarter Horse racing is defined as two or more American Quarter Horses registered with the American Quarter Horse Association, entered and competing in the same race at the same time from a regulation starting gate, at distances and conditions recognized by AQHA and running at full speed, unimpeded by obstacles, thru a common finish line. Also see rules RAC301 and RAC302.