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Q-Racing Journal March Annual Review available to order by February 20.

February 15, 2012

Q-Racing Journal July 2011

The Q-Racing Journal’s Annual Review is an industry bible with the information and statistics you need. Be sure to order your printed copy by February 20.

The Annual Review is free to all American Quarter Horse Journal subscribers. To request your copy, simply fill out the request form by February 20. Non-subscribers can buy a copy of the Annual review for $5 by calling (800) 291-7323.

Included in the Q-Racing Journal March Annual Review:

*Complete profiles on all 2011 racing champion horses and horsemen

*A profile of all-time leading breeder Dr. Ed Allred’s Rolling A Ranch

*Richard Chamberlain’s “Quarter Paths” review of 2011

*The 2011 votes for racing champions, broken down by voter

*2011 statistics: track and industry data, as well as leading sires, broodmare sires, dams, horsemen and regional high points

*Starters Index for racing and chariot horses

*Complete history of Graded Stakes