Oklahoma Clenbuterol Rules

Oklahoma rules regarding clenbuterol now in effect.

April 30, 2012

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Oklahoma horsemen should be aware that new rules regarding clenbuterol are now in effect and will be stringently enforced.

All clenbuterol other than Ventipulium or Aeropulium in their original packaging is illegal to possess or use on the track at all Oklahoma racetracks. No form of compounded clenbuterol is permitted at the racetrack.

"The word from the commission is that this new rule will be stringently enforced...and may carry a fine of up to $2500 or suspension of up to one year," notes an update from the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association. "Anyone possessing illegal forms of Clenbuterol should immediately remove those substances from the racetrack. Only Ventipulium or Aeropulium in original packaging may be stored or used at the track, and you should be aware that OHRC agents may take samples of contents of clenbuterol in the original packaging for testing to verify the substances in the bottles are what was originally distributed by the manufacturer."

Oklahoma clenbuterol limits have also been changed.