New Track to Open in Brazil

Jockey Club of Ceará to being racing on January 19.
January 6, 2013

Jockey Club of Ceará

Jockey Club of Ceará Photo

The new Jockey Club of Ceará (Jockey Club do Ceará) near Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, will open its gates for an inaugural day of racing on January 19, 2013. The track is being prepared for both Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred racing.

"A very nice reception is planned for opening day including the R$100,000 ($50,000 US) GP Joca Calfat Stakes for Quarter Horses," said Paulo Miranda, director of marketing.

Completion of the $15-million facility was expected to be completed last month. Within the 67-acre facility is 200 stables, a veterinary hospital, track seating for 600 people, 24 homes for jockeys, trainers and stables, a hotel, auction facilities, club with swimming pool, restaurant, sports, a school for training new professionals and 20 stores for lease. Three racetracks—one for Quarter Horses, one for Thoroughbreds and another for daily training—are also featured.

"We are making a new seat that goes far beyond the completion of racing. We want to make a club that JCC families gather on weekends with leisure in the field," Miranda said.

The Jockey Club had its first headquarters in Ceará in Fortaleza, founded in 1947, near the pond Parangaba. It gave name to the neighborhood that formed in the surroundings. In negotiating with the city of Fortaleza, in 2008, 70,000 square meters was ceded for the construction of the women's hospital.

"In return, we had a utilization rate (occupancy rate of soil) increased for the remaining area," explained Miranda. The rest of the area was sold to the Jockey Construtora Diagonal for $22.5 million.