Louisiana Gives Stiff Dermorphin Penalities

Louisiana trainers handed stiff penalities for dermorphin positives.

Paulick Report
September 30, 2012

Generic Racing Photo

After two days of hearings, the Louisiana State Racing Commission handed down lengthy suspensions and fines to eight Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred trainers whose horses tested positive for the Class 1 drug dermorphin.

The stiffest penalty went to Alvin Smith Jr., whose license was suspended for 10 years for the third Class 1 violation in his career. He was also fined $20,000.

John Darrel Soileau was suspended a total of 10 years for two separate dermorphin positives, and he was fined a total of $20,000.

Alonza Loya received a five-year suspension and he was fined $10,000 for a dermorphin positive.

Michael Heath Taylor received a $10,000 fine and five-year suspension for one dermorphin positive.

Other trainers were given lighter penalties based on cooperative testimony.

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