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2008 Stakes Winners

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Date   Race              Track              Winner              Purse 
28  Far West Futurity      Portland Meadows      SC Captivator  $35,000     
28  Sunland Park Winter Derby (G2)      Sunland Park  Three Past Six  $122,453 
28  Sunland Park Winter Futurity (G2)  Sunland Park  Unbridled Jet  $208,877 
27  The Championship at Sunland Park (G1)      Sunland Park  First Moonflash  $400,000 
21  Lou Wooten Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park  Blazin N Shakin  $125,000 
20  First Down Dash Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Materialist  $40,000 
20 Challenger Six Handicap (RG1) Sunland Park  Nik The Qwik  $125,000 
19  Paul B. Ford Memorial Stakes  Los Alamitos  Time For A Royal Dip  $20,000 
14  Turf Paradise Open Futurity (G3)  Turf Paradise  Kays Gunslinger  $67,878 
14  Southern California Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Short Czech  $189,200 
13  Champion of Champions (G1)  Los Alamitos  Jess You And I  $750,000 
13  Louisiana Champions Day Classic (RG1)  Fair Grounds  MCM Dozen Dasher  $100,000 
13  Louisiana Champions Day Derby (RG2)  Fair Grounds  Mon Ti Rose  $100,000 
13  Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile (RG2)  Fair Grounds  Martini Mountain  $100,000 
13  Jess Burner Memorial Handicap (RG1)  Sunland Park  First Moonflash  $125,000 
12  Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Tres Passes  $1,954,250 
12  Los Alamitos Juvenile Invitational Stakes  Los Alamitos  Vrrroom  $40,000 
7 Zia Park Championship (G1) Zia Park  Ketel Won  $184,845 



Date   Race              Track              Winner          Purse     
30  Southwest Juvenile Championship Stakes (G1)  Zia Park  Brenda Beautiful  $300,000 
30  Black Gold Derby (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Gaberil Horn  $70,196 
30  Black Gold Futurity Championship (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Fly On Lake  $288,541 
29  Las Damas Handicap (G2) Los Alamitos  Strength In Numbers  $40,000 
29  Texas Classic Futurity (G1)  Lone Star Park  Mr Queens Mystery  $1,154,802 
29  Texas Classic Derby (G1)  Lone Star Park  DMNV Mountable  $383,756 
29  New Mexico Fillies & Mares Championship Stakes (R)  Zia Park  Ms Regard  $149,845 
29  Oklahoma Bred Championship Stakes (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Streakin Postoak  $31,450 
28  Hipodromo de las Americas Stakes  Lone Star Park  Dashing O Toole  $15,000 
28  Joe B. Turner Memorial Stakes  Lone Star Park  Special Headlines  $15,000 
28  Rheudasil Handicap  Lone Star Park  Check On Chico  $20,000 
23  King Rick Rack Stakes  Zia Park  First To Ramble  $62,580 
23  Corona Cartel Stakes  Turf Paradise  Hez Fast As Cash  $15,000 
23  Portland Meadows Fall Derby  Portland Meadows  Devon Dat Cash  $16,500 
22  Lone Star Park Distance Championship Stakes  Lone Star Park  Vital Winner  $20,000 
21  Z. Wayne Griffin Director's Stakes (G3)  Los Alamitos  Little Bit Of Baja  $20,000 
16  Arizona QRA Futurity (R)  Turf Paradise  FPG Junior  $37,525 
15  Corona Chick Handicap  Los Alamitos  Saturday Nite Fever  $25,000 
14  Dashing Folly Handicap  Los Alamitos  Prissy B Panther  $16,000 
Los Alamitos Super Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  One Famous Eagle  $933,750 
AQRA Turf Paradise Open Derby  Turf Paradise  Head Bud  $35,947 
New Mexico Cup Futurity (RG1)  Zia Park  Rabbit Revival  $375,143 
New Mexico Cup Derby (RG1)  Zia Park  First Moonflash  $218,018 
New Mexico Cup Championship (RG1)  Zia Park  Now Heza Blazin  $180,460 
New Mexico Cup 870 Championship (RG1)  Zia Park  Devons Easy Lane  $148,230 
Bradford Stakes (G3)  Hoosier Park  Senorita Tres  $33,450 
Scott Lewis Handicap  Los Alamitos  Time For A Royal Dip  $17,000 
B.F. Phillips Jr. Handicap (R)  Lone Star Park  Killer Bod  $30,000 
Gridiron Gallop Handicap Lone Star Park  Anna Pavlova  $15,000 
Merial Distaff Challenge Championship (G1)  Evangeline Downs  Snow Burn  $125,000 
Bank of America Challenge Championship (G1)  Evangeline Downs  WRS Special Shoe  $350,000 
Bayer Legend Derby Challenge Championship (G1)  Evangeline Downs  Gallant Ways  $200,000 
Red Cell Distance Challenge Championship (G1)  Evangeline Downs  High On Cat  $125,000 
Ford Juvenile Challenge Championship (G2) Evangeline Downs  Unbridled Jet  $150,000 
Fort Dodge Starter Allowance Challenge Championship  Evangeline Downs  Honor Me Good  $75,000 
Louisiana QHBA Futurity (RG1)  Evangeline Downs  Jet Black Patriot  $545,669 
Louisiana Derby (RG3)  Evangeline Downs  MCM Dont Look Back  $80,600 
Farnam Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Streakin Victor  $25,000 
John Deere Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Wowzer Won  $25,000 
AQHA Members Plus Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Sin Tacha Perry  $25,000 
LQHBA Juvenile Invitational Stakes (R)  Evangeline Downs  Listen To The Wind  $96,298 
Cravins Dash Stakes  Evangeline Downs  MCM Dozen Dasher  $26,700 
The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal Stakes  Evangeline Downs  JW Rocks  $25,000 
Los Alamitos Distance Stakes  Evangeline Downs First Down Toro  $25,000
JEH Stallion Station Handicap  Lone Star Park  Six Moons Streakin  $20,000 
Sandia Handicap  The Downs at Albuquerque  No Scrubs  $50,000 
Baxter Andruss Oregon Bred Futurity (R)  Portland Meadows  Lightnin Storm Cloud  $39,500 
Golden State Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Tres Passes  $1,386,500 
1 Golden State Juvenile Stakes  Los Alamitos  Louisiana Senator  $35,000 
Lovington Stakes (G2)  Zia Park  Mr Perry Dash  $58,000 
Indiana Breed Development Juvenile Stakes (R)  Hoosier Park 

DH - Make It Anywhere

DH - TS Speedy Bar 

Indiana Breed Development Stakes (R) Hoosier Park  Special Flyin Darlin  $30,500 



Date    Race                  Track          Winner          Purse 
26  Mexican QH Breeders' Derby (RG3)      Hipodromo de las Americas      Fanatica  $36,816 
26  Kansas Jackpot Futurity (RG2)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Bright Eyed Vision  $53,613 
26  Kansas Jackpot Derby (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  TRs Dashing Cash  $18,992 
26  Black Gold 350 Futurity (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Deep In The South  $95,000 
25  Los Alamitos Invitational Championship (G1)  Los Alamitos  Ten Oclock Scholar  $200,000 
25  Dash For Cash Juvenile Stakes  Lone Star Park Jess Cranky  $59,105 
25  Dash For Cash Derby (G1)  Lone Star Park  Swingin Jess  $206,300 
25  Dash For Cash Futurity (G1)  Lone Star Park  Show Me Your Toole  $531,945 
25  All American Congress Futurity (G3)  Beulah Park  Hez Fastforthecash  $49,537 
25  All American Congress Derby  Beulah Park  Chickinabrownwrapper  $24,688 
25  All American Congress Maturity  Beulah Park  Make It Crown  $22,288 
25  Buckeye Futurity (R)  Beulah Park  Beduinos Cat  $20,270 
25  Buttons and Bows Stakes (G3)  The Downs at Albuquerque  Anywhere Chic  $50,000 
25  OQHRA Fall Classic Stakes  Blue Ribbon Downs  Streakin Postoak  $22,500 
24  6666 Ranch Handicap  Lone Star Park  Coronas Leaving You  $20,000 
19  J'NL Breeders' Classic Futurity (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Jess Like Pa  $56,765 
19  Alberta Bred Futurity (RG3)  Whoop-Up Downs  Cash In The Coin  $66,104 
19  Bank of America West/Southwest Challenge (G2)  Turf Paradise  I Opening Sensation  $76,230 
19  Ford West/Southwest Juvenile Challenge  Turf Paradise  Unbridled Jet  $39,510 
18  Yambilee Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Snowy Alibi  $21,800 
18  Herman Jefferson Stakes  Zia Park  Cronus  $57,580 
18  Horsemen's Open Derby  Whoop-Up Downs  Okies Red Warrior  $19,674 
17  Evangeline Downs Challenge Stakes  Evangeline Downs  St Pats First  $50,000 
17  David A. Yount Memorial Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Star Ryons Load  $22,000 
17  Grand Prairie Classic Stakes  Lone Star Park  JC My Diamond Man  $15,000
12  New Mexico Championship (R)  The Downs at Albuquerque  Gotta Get  $60,000 
12  Hobbs America Derby (G2)  Zia Park  Noconi  $155,065 
12  Hobbs America Futurity (G2)  Zia Park  Brenda Beautiful  $272,650 
11  Autumn Handicap  Los Alamitos  Blue Piranha  $25,000 
11  Hoosier Park Classic Stakes  Hoosier Park  Scraw Barie Shake  $32,000 
11  QHRA of Indiana Derby  Hoosier Park  Okey Dokey Irish  $29,350 
11  Governor's Stakes  Hoosier Park  DNA Chrystalandstone  $29,300 
11  Oklahoma Centennial Stakes Blue Ribbon Downs Party Time Tommy  $22,000 
11  O.B. Cockerell Handicap  The Downs at Albuquerque  SF Royal Bank  $50,000 
10  Sprint Handicap  Los Alamitos  Go Love A Lark Go  $17,000 
10  Kool Kue Baby Handicap  Lone Star Park  Eye Caughtcha Peekin  $20,000 
PCQHRA Breeders' Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Sixish  $500,000 
Lubbock Stakes (G2)  Zia Park  Da Edge  $55,360 
Refridgerator Handicap (G1)  Lone Star Park  Diamond Tres Seis  $100,000 
PCQHRA Breeders' Derby (G2)  Los Alamitos  Checker  $170,000 
Blane Schvaneveldt Handicap  Los Alamitos  Vis Special  $50,000 
Intermountain Overnight Handicap  Los Alamitos  Honor Me Good  $17,000 



Date    Race              Track              Winner          Purse     
28  Idaho Falls Futurity      Sandy Downs Streakin Cherry Cola      $27,550 
28  Mexico Futurity  Hipodromo de las Americas      Calientes Wrangler  $28,000 
28  Invitational Sales Stakes (R)      Evangeline Downs  Listen To The Wind  $50,594 
28  Louisiana QHBA Futurity (RG1)  Evangeline Downs  Devins Secret  $286,700 
27  Go Man Go Handicap (G1)  Los Alamitos  Jess You And I  $110,350 
27  Bayer Legend Derby Challenge  Blue Ribbon Downs  Hijo De Villa  $48,240 
27  Ford Oklahoma Juvenile Challenge  Blue Ribbon Downs  Chilled Wine  $45,090 
27  Red River Stakes  Lone Star Park  City Class  $17,500 
26  Classic Chevrolet Heartbeat of America Stakes  Lone Star Park  Eyesa Jumpn  $30,000 
21  Quarter Horse Cup Classic Stakes  Whoop Up Downs  Its All About Speed  $16,762 
21  New Mexico State Fair Breeders' Derby  Downs at Albuquerque  Tunes  $67,637 
21  Pomona Championship Stakes  Fairplex Park  Value The Man  $20,750 
21  Black Gold 350 Futurity  Blue Ribbon Downs  BP Southern Mariah  $95,000 
21  Alex Picov Memorial Championship (G3)  Ajax Downs  Illbegoneinajazz  $123,050 
20  Billy Montgomery Stakes  Evangeline Downs  MCM Dont Look Back  $27,850 
20 Mildred Vessels Memorial Handicap (G1)  Los Alamitos  Stylish Jess BR  $250,000 
20 New Mexico State Fair Senorita Futurity (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  BP Shes Southern  $97,778 
20  New Mexico State Fair Senor Futurity (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  DRH Jamin Miracle  $98,181 
20  Valley Junction Futurity (G2)  Prairie Meadows  Rarely Makes It Home  $156,850 
20  Iowa Stallion Futurity (R)  Prairie Meadows  Dig Alittle Deeper  $53,300 
20  Two Rivers Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  TRS Dashin Rona  $30,000 
20  Canada Cup Futurity (RG3)  Whoop Up Downs  Tres D Man  $95,240 
20  Canada Cup Derby (RG3)  Whoop Up Downs  Hawks Halo  $38,763 
20 James Isaac Hobbs Stakes (G2)  Zia Park  Little Bit Of Ah Ha  $57,190 
19  Covered Bridges Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  First To Ramble  $26,100 
19 Altoona Derby (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Jessthelouisianagirl  $59,100 
19  Iowa Stallion Derby (R)  Prairie Meadows  TRs Dashing Cash  $41,300 
14  Mexican QHA Yearling Sale Derby (RG3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Disclosure Gives  $69,077 
14  Budweiser Mt. Pleasant Meadows Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Take Off Reb  $36,440 
14  Yellowstone Downs Futurity  Yellowstone Downs  Flash N Passion  $24,125 
14  Whoop Up Distance Stakes  Whoop Up Downs  Tough Mix  $16,586 
13  Miss Blackhawk Stakes  Prairie Meadows  Dads On A Prowl  $22,900 
13  Gridiron Special Stakes  Prairie Meadows  TRs Dashin Rona  $23,180 
13  QHRA of Indiana Stallion Service Auction Futurity (RG3)  Hoosier Park  Kellers Quick  $71,685 
13  QHRA of Indiana Stallion Service Auction Derby (R)  Hoosier Park  Scraw Barie Shake  $30,407 
12  John Deere Turfway Park Stakes  Turfway Park  Georgia Halo  $25,000 
Sgt Pepper Feature Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Materialist  $35,000 
Sam Houston Derby (G2)  Sam Houston Race Park Easy Dashin Sixes  $121,100 
Bank of America California Challenge (G2)  Los Alamitos  Leading Spirit  $76,500 
Sam Houston Futurity (G1)  Sam Houston Race Park  First Down Mr Jess  $335,200 
All American Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Stolis Winner  $1,900,000 
All American Juvenile Invitational Stakes (R)  Ruidoso Downs  Kool Cade  $150,000 
La Mariposa Stakes (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Fitness Lady  $50,000 
Elko Intermountain Futurity  Elko County Fair  JR Corona Jazz  $52,500 
Elko Intermountain Derby  Elko County Fair  Vodka With Ice  $27,500 
North Dakota Bred Futurity (R)  North Dakota Horse Park  Shake Em Diva  $16,195 
Bluebonnet Stakes  Sam Houston Race Park  Zazoom  $15,000 



Date    Race          Track          Winner          Purse 
31  Mt. Pleasant Meadows Handicap     Mt. Pleasant Meadows      Senorita Tres  $15,000 
31  Sam Houston Distance Derby  Sam Houston Race Park  JC My Diamond Man  $18,500 
31  North Dakota Bred Derby (R)  North Dakota Horse Park  Dripping Diamond  $15,090 
31  Manuel Lujan Stakes  Downs at Albuquerque  Rime Has A Chick  $50,000 
31  Oklahoma Bred Futurity (RG2)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Cuz Eye Said  $102,870
31  Cash Caravan Stakes (R)  Canterbury Park  Sociabull  $22,100 
31  Yavapai Downs Futurity (G3)  Yavapai Downs  B Effort  $48,022 
31  Utah Sires Fall Futurity  Elko County Fair  JP What You Say  $34,437 
31  All American Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Noconi  $1,065,648 
30  Golden State Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  One Famous Eagle  $313,900 
30  Governor's Cup Marathon Handicap (G3)  Sam Houston Race Park  Wood Climber  $42,000 
30  Louie Curtis/Robert Kieckhefer Memorial Stakes  Yavapai Downs  A Faster Streaker  $15,000 
30  All American Gold Cup (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Ketel Won  $50,000 
30  Brigand Handicap (G3)  Ruidoso Downs Tricky Dust  $40,000 
30  Oklahoma Bred Derby (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Flying Fit  $41,583 
29  Ford California Juvenile Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  Miracles N Perks  $41,760 
29  Zia 870 Championship (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  Contradictions  $55,000 
29  Sam Houston Classic Stakes (G2)  Sam Houston Race Park  Diamond Tres Seis  $61,000 
24  John Deere Bonus Enerpan Sprint Stakes  Northlands Park  Heart Streakin  $21,277 
24  Vieux Carre Stakes  Fair Grounds  Snowy Alibi  $40,000 
24  Merial New Mexico Distaff Challenge (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Rainbows N Diamonds  $37,440 
24  Red River Derby North Dakota Horse Park  No Temper Here  $15,000 
24 Gillespie County Fair Futurity (G3)  Gillespie County Fair  Forspeed Breezer  $131,250 
23  Texas Twister Stakes  Sam Houston Race Park  XO Kate  $20,250 
23  Future of Iowa Stakes (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Nanas Nite Mare  $54,000 
23  Jim Bader Futurity (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Fly Me Anywhere  $87,600 
23  Polk County Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Steppin Anywhere  $66,400 
23  Terrace Hill Stakes (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  WRS Special Shoe  $52,500 
23  Merial Canada Distaff Challenge  Evergreen Park  I Opening Sensation  $17,732 
23  GCFA Texas-Bred Stakes (R)  Gillespie County Fair  Special Willie  $17,200 
23  Lakeview Stakes  Fair Grounds  First Down Toro  $40,000 
23  Mid-City Stakes (R)  Fair Grounds  MCM Dozen Dasher  $40,000 
23  Garden District Stakes  Fair Grounds  A Lil Tres Seis  $40,000 
23  Don Steele Memorial Stakes  Blue Ribbon Downs  Hijo De Villa  $22,500 
22  North Dakota Horse Park Futurity  North Dakota Horse Park  Righteous Tessa  $15,300 
22  Merial California Distaff Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  Blazin Fire  $24,300 
20  City Park Stakes (R)  Fair Grounds  BJs Dasher  $40,000 
17  Ford Mexico Juvenile Challenge  Hipodromo de las Americas  Calientes Wrangler  $34,618 
17  All Canadian Futurity  Ajax Downs  Dianetobewitcha  $86,507 
17  All Canadian Derby  Ajax Downs  Feature Lucy  $90,474 
17  San Mateo Stakes  San Mateo County Fair at Bay Meadows  Secret Walk  $15,000 
17  Minnesota Derby (R)  Canterbury Park  Okey Dokey Irish  $23,550 
17  Minnesota Futurity (R)  Canterbury Park  Call Me Mr Nibs  $22,750 
17  Pelican Stakes (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Rime Has A Chick  $50,000 
17  Lineage Championship (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Call My Bank  $50,000
17  John Augustine Stakes (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Devons Easy Lane  $50,000 
17  Hard Twist Stakes (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Know The Way  $50,000 
17  GLQHA Stallion Service Sale Futurity (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  She My Payoff  $15,000 
17  GLQHA Stallion Service Sale Derby (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Im The Saint  $17,321 
17  Diamond Classic Futurity (R)  Wyoming Downs  Proud Fame  $47,105 
17  Yavapai Downs Derby (G3)  Yavapai Downs  Beautiful World  $41,255 
16  TQHA Sires' Cup Stakes (R)  Sam Houston Race Park  Bridled Lightnin  $16,000 
16  Special Hank Handicap  Downs at Albuquerque  Makamaddash  $50,000 
16  John Hoak Memorial/Capitol Racing Futurity  Les Bois Park  Full Boat  $62,035 
16  Black Gold 300 Futurity (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Kbdontcloseyoureye  $93,100 
15  Boise Derby  Les Bois Park  A Royal Dervish  $28,764 
15  Spring Chrysler Jeep Dodge Stakes  Sam Houston Race Park  Cash At The Line  $18,250 
10  Bayer Legend Mexico Derby Challenge  Hipodromo de las Americas  Mr Jess Dash  $35,543 
10  Oneida County Fair Futurity  Oneida County Fair  BCR Attack Kitten  $24,375
10  Mile High Futurity (G2)  Arapahoe Park  Zoom To The Money  $114,430 
Bank of America Central Challenge (G2)  Prairie Meadows  Chances Are I Will  $73,350 
Bayer Legend Central Derby Challenge (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Gallant Ways  $39,150 
Red Cell West/Southwest Distance Challenge  Wyoming Downs  Weber  $22,680 
TQHA Sires' Cup Derby (RG3)  Sam Houston Race Park  Eyesa Sam  $72,958 
Charlie Claborn Stakes  Blue Ribbon Downs  Eyesa County Miss  $22,500 
Bank of America Canada Challenge (G3)  Evergreen Park  Its All About Speed  $51,748 
Idaho Cup Derby (R)  Les Bois Park  Hydrostatic  $17,545 
Idaho Cup Futurity (R)  Les Bois Park  Miss Shake Em Bug  $26,577 
Mile High Derby (G2)  Arapahoe Park  Sweet Macho  $69,685 
Shake The Bank Stakes  Hipodromo de las Americas  Miss Cindy Cashmaker  $17,660 
Vespero Handicap  Los Alamitos  Go Love A Lark Go  $17,000 
Red Cell Central Distance Challenge  Prairie Meadows  First To Ramble  $23,940 
Ford Central Juvenile Challenge (G3)  Prairie Meadows  The Tin Man Can  $42,660 
Merial Central Distaff Challenge  Prairie Meadows  Shaky Girl  $25,380 
Margie Bryan ASOA Futurity  Yavapai Downs  FPG Junior  $37,929 
All Canadian Classic Stakes  Ajax Downs  Rockish  $65,426 
North Central QHRA Futurity (R)  Canterbury Park  Call Me Mr Nibs  $32,950 
Zia Futurity (RG1)  Ruidoso Downs  Man On The Move  $350,824 
Zia Derby (RG2)  Ruidoso Downs  Jess Ought To Flash  $132,955 
Zia Handicap (RG2)  Ruidoso Downs  Leonas TR  $55,000 
Ford New Mexico Juvenile Challenge (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Red Oak Special  $65,430 
Rocky Mountain QHA Championship  Arapahoe Park  Chick Chasin Cowboy  $16,000 
Ford Canada Juvenile Challenge  Evergreen Park  Global Exciter  $25,108 
John Deere Bonus Midwest Maturity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Hez Flyin With Class  $18,600 
The Woodlands Stakes  Sam Houston Race Park  Jack Pudding  $19,000 
Mr Jet Moore Handicap (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Catscape  $40,000 
Mini Rock Handicap   Los Alamitos  Wicked Royal Cartel  $17,000 



Date    Race              Track          Winner          Purse     
27  Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Futurity (RG1)      Fair Meadows at Tulsa      Spit Curl Diva  $423,400 
27  Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Derby (RG2)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Ima Candy Suspect  $112,900 
27  Alberta Bred Derby (R)  Evergreen Park  Pow Wow Lane  $36,256 
27  North Central QHRA Derby (R)  Canterbury Park  Okey Dokey Irish  $20,900 
26  Great Falls HRA Futurity  Great Falls  Go Dashing Perry  $15,500 
26  Governor's Cup Futurity (RG1)  Los Alamitos  Hard Hitting  $495,000 
26  Governor's Cup Derby (RG1)  Los Alamitos  Really A First  $135,000 
26  Spencer L. Childers California Breeders' Champsionship (RG1)  Los Alamitos  Ten Oclock Scholar  $165,650 
26  California Breeders' Matron Stakes (RG2)  Los Alamitos  Fly Bar Special  $51,015 
26  California Breeders' Sprint Stakes (RG3)  Los Alamitos  Corona Private Jet  $28,450 
26  California Breeders' Debutante Stakes (R)  Los Alamitos  Forgive Him  $26,500 
26  Jens L. List Jr. Memorial California Breeders' Stakes (R)  Los Alamitos  Fighter On Fire  $28,850 
26  California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (R)-2nd division  Los Alamitos  Show Me A Beduino  $27,775 
26  California Breeders' Freshman Stakes (R)-1st division  Los Alamitos  Buffalo Head  $27,775 
26  California Breeders' 550 Sophomore Stakes (R)  Los Alamitos  Much Admired  $28,900 
26  Bonnett-Brodon Futurity  Evergreen Park  Dashtothedealer  $20,241 
26  TQHA Sale Futurity (RG1)  Sam Houston Race Park  Jodys Money Pop  $418,984 
26  Master Salls Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Makamaddash  $40,000 
25  Barnmaster Sprint Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston Race Park  This Flights For You  $50,500 
25  Gulf Coast 4 Star Trailer 550 Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston Race Park  Thewayitallwentdown  $50,500 
25  Ancira Ford Classic Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston Race Park  Easy Dashin Sixes  $54,750 
20  Rainbow Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Stolis Winner  $625,000 
20 Rainbow Juvenile Invitational Stakes   Ruidoso Downs  Buildemhigh  $18,400 
20  Dash In A Flash Stakes  Canterbury Park  Wheely Fast  $15,000 
20  Mt. Pleasant Meadows Derby   Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Rockindigo  $15,000 
20  Manitoba Speed Horse Futurity  Assiniboia Downs  Rockinrollin Nolan  $20,382 
19  Manitoba Speed Horse Derby  Assiniboia Downs  Smart Sapphire  $21,377 
19  Cherokee Nation Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Cuz Eye Said  $26,750 
19  Fair Meadows Juvenile Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Apolloonamission  $27,000 
19  Los Alamitos Stakes  Los Alamitos  Georgia Halo  $17,888 
19  Enchanted Stakes  The Red Mile  Chics Love Stones  $17,175 
19  Silver Dollar Futurity (RG3)  Wyoming Downs  Mr Quickster  $62,827 
19  TQHA Futurity (R)  Gillespie County Fair Ace Cinnan $65,000 
19  Rainbow Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Heartswideopen  $460,944 
18  Ford Harrod Stakes  The Red Mile  First Down Beaus  $15,000 
18  John Deere Bonus Lexington Sprint Stakes  The Red Mile  Jessluvchicks  $15,000 
13  Garanones Futurity (RG3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  LB Corona Clown  $168,371 
13  Lee Burwick Memorial Futurity (RG1)  Delta Downs  Jet Black Patriot  $512,300 
13  Flashy Hemp Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Callies First Effort  $50,000 
13  Louisiana Juvenile Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Martini Mountain  $50,000 
13  Live Oak Stakes (RG2)  Delta Downs  Slinkys Fortune  $50,000 
13  Louisiana Classic Stakes (RG1)  Delta Downs  AB Hope For Cash  $100,000 
13  Vinton Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  Vals Warrior  $50,000 
13  Wyoming All-Breeds Derby (R)  Wyoming Downs  Genes Effort  $16,650 
13  Wyoming All-Breeds Futurity (R)  Wyoming Downs  Corona With Lime  $33,947 
13  GLQHA Michigan Bred Futurity (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Hez Fastforthecash  $18,054 
13  Bayer Legend West/Southwest Derby Challenge (G3)  Arapahoe Park  Lone Star Stoli  $36,540 
13  Merial West/Southwest Distaff Challenge (G3)  Arapahoe Park  Fitness Lady  $34,020 
12  Bank of America Texas Challenge (G1)  Sam Houston Race Park  Sassys Tuffy  $114,680 
12  Bayer Legend Texas Derby Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston Race Park  Jessie O Toole  $64,080 
12  Merial Texas Distaff Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston Race Park  Very Dashin 123  $33,930 
12  Red Cell Texas Distance Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston Race Park  Heza Marquette Maker  $22,185 
12  Keokuk Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Cruzin To Victory  $36,888 
12  Blane Schvaneveldt Cowboy Classic Futurity  Womying Downs  JR Corona Jazz  $41,650 
12  Rocky Mountain Futurity (G3)  Arapahoe Park  Mighty Shazoom  $84,445 
11  TQHA Sires' Cup Futurity (RG2)  Sam Houston Race Park  Lightning Round  $140,800 
Mexican Derby  Hipodromo de las Americas  Sandra Aguerrida  $26,818 
Rocky Heinzig Stakes (G3)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  LD American Maid  $27,500 
Easy Date Handicap   Los Alamitos  Clydette Mia  $17,000 
Northlands Futurity (G3)  Canterbury Park  Holland North  $61,150 
Don Boyd Memorial Handicap   Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Jessluvchicks  $20,700 
5 Iowa Double Gold Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Rspecial Chick  $65,000 
Iowa Double Gold Futurity (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Fly Me Anywhere  $112,520 
IQHRA Fall Sale Futurity (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  I Shine Now  $63,958 
Bank of America Northwest Challenge (G2)  Les Bois Park  Vis Special  $77,940 
Red Cell Northwest Distance Challenge Les Bois Park  Vital Winner  $19,440 
5 Ford Northwest Juvenile Challenge (G3) Les Bois Park Snazzy Special Lead $56,430
5 Bayer Legend Northwest Derby Challenge (G3) Les Bois Park Decati $51,030
5 Vandy's Flash Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Materialist $35,000
5 Fair Meadows Maturity (G3) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Streakin Postoak $27,500
5 Walter Merrick Memorial Stakes (RG3) Fair Meadows at Tulsa Pure D Honey $26,750
5 Jaguar Rocket Stakes (R) Indiana Downs Money Makin Fool $30,100
5 Firecracker Futurity (G1) Delta Downs Swingin N Ease $236,000
5 Firecracker Derby (G2) Delta Downs Zazoom $93,700
5 Miss Polly Classic Stakes (G3) Delta Downs Sky Patriot $40,000
5 Virgil Bond Stakes Delta Downs Seminole Injun $25,000
5 Hill Country Dash Stakes Gillespie Co. Fair Dress Me Anywhere $18,400
5 Higheasterjet Handicap (G3) Ruidoso Downs Dr Proctor $40,000
5 Mean Competitor Stakes Canterbury Park First To Ramble $27,250
4 Silestone Stakes (R) Sam Houston Race Park Panther Purr $24,250
4 Grants Pass Firecracker Futurity Grants Pass Downs Cathy Jos Quick Cash $37,950
4 Kansas Bred Futurity (R) Eureka Downs LB Set Em Up Jack $38,220
4 Great Lakes Stakes (G3) Canterbury Park Silver Fastbac $30,300
3 Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Futurity (R) Canterbury Park Sweet Merrie $28,300


Date    Race              Track              Winner              Purse     
29  Canterbury Park Derby (G3)      Canterbury Park      Mr La Bubba  $41,000 
29  New Mexico Horseman's Association Handicap (R)  SunRay Park  Devons Easy Lane  $75,000 
29  Tommy Duke Smith Handicap (R)  SunRay Park  Leonas TR  $75,000 
28  Golden Driller Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Eyesa Country Miss  $27,500 
28  Desert Classic Derby (R)  Yavapai Downs  Beautiful World  $31,065 
28  Independence Day Handicap  Los Alamitos  Lassen Country  $35,000 
28  Stephen F. Austin Stakes (R)  Sam Houston Race Park  St Pats First  $24,250 
28  All Canadian Open Futurity   Whoop Up Downs  Sixawon  $29,070 
27  Bayer Legend Canda Derby Challenge  Whoop Up Downs  Keepin Class  $31,611 
22  Bayer Legend California Derby Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  Catchinon  $40,410 
22  Garanones Derby (R)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Sandra Aguerrida  $35,922 
22  Michigan Bred Derby (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Sneorita Tres  $16,155 
22 Dutch Masters III Futurity Jerome, Idaho Mr Perfect Fame $15,557
22  Retama Park Futurity (G1)  Retama Park  Zoomin Toll  $279,855 
22  Retama Park Juvenile Stakes  Retama Park  CC Toasting Warrior  $31,095 
22  Old Timers Classic Stakes  Whoop Up Downs  Six Pack Of Corona  $17,304 
22  Marathon Handicap  SunRay Park  Vital Winner  $50,000 
22  Prescott Valley Laddie/Lassie Futurity  (G3) Yavapai Downs  Time For Zoom  $57,238 
21  Ed Burke Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Foose  $1,155,000 
21  Ed Burke Juvenile Stakes  Los Alamitos  Tres Passes  $35,000 
21  Expo Square Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Parklane Tee  $22,500 
21  Retama Park Derby (G2)  Retama Park  Easy Dashin Sixes  $142,100 
21  All Canadia Open Derby   Whoop Up Downs  White Fish  $15,239 
21  Four Corners Futurity (G3)  SunRay Park  Go Southern Special  $96,800 
20  Vessels Maturity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Frankie Shoots  $150,000 
20  Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame Stakes (G3)  Retama Park  Sory Nickita Bola  $25,000 
15  Maple Leaf Futurity   Ajax Downs  Dianetobewitcha  $47,608 
15  Jodys Glory Stakes  Hipodromo de las Americas  Calientes Wrangler  $49,545 
15  Father's Day Gold Cup Stakes  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Hayden Quinn  $15,000 
15  La Plata Stakes (G3) SunRay Park  Corona High  $50,000 
15  Mark T Bars Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Needle And Spoon  $15,000 
15  Ruidoso Horse Sale Futurity (RG2)  Ruidoso Downs  Hearts Runaway  $180,969 
15  Lucille Rowe Derby (RG3)  Arapahoe Park  Fast Sheza  $52,325 
14  Utah Classic Futurity (R)  Laurel Brown  BF Checkthischic  $37,642 
14  Delta Downs Louisiana Breeders' Derby (RG1)  Delta Downs  First Dashin Bye  $165,800 
14  Mr Jess Perry Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  AB Hope For Cash  $50,000 
14  Blue River Derby (R)  Indiana Downs  Scraw Barie Shake  $25,000 
14  San Marcos Handicap  Retama Park  Blue Ribbon Dash  $17,500 
14  New Mexico Breeders' Association Handicap (RG3)      SunRay Park  Smith And West  $75,000 
14  Bayer Legend New Mexico Derby Challenge (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Jess My Moon  $47,970 
14  Kansas Jackpot Prep Futurity (R)  Eureka Downs  I Noah Can  $20,032 
14  Cherry Creek Futurity (RG3)  Arapahoe Park  Bully Eyes  $75,780 
Kiss to Yawl Handicap (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas      Sophastacat  $30,909 
Develop A Plan Stakes  Delta Downs  Diamond Tres Seis  $25,000 
Ruidoso Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Jess Significant  $500,000 
Ruidoso Juvenile Stakes  Ruidoso Downs  PB And Crackers  $18,400 
GLQHA Michigan Sires' Futurity (R)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Magics Runnin Buff  $24,090 
Earl Clark Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  First Downs Beaus  $19,080 
Skip Zimmerman Memorial Stakes (G3)  Canterbury Park  Silver Fastbac  $30,600 
American Flyer Stakes  Arapahoe Park  Chick Chasin Cowboy      $15,000 
Fair Meadows Belles Stakes (G3)  Fair Meadows  Eyesa Country Miss  $22,500 
Oklahoma Horsemen's Association Derby (RG2)  Fair Meadows  A Cartel Fling  $85,600 
Oklahoma Horsemen's Association Futurity (RG2)  Fair Meadows  Iwannamakeitwithyou  $126,700 
Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Derby (R)  Canterbury Park  Rare Inca Bug  $18,100 
Ruidoso Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Heartswideopen  $388,830 
Maple Leaf Derby   Ajax Downs  First Kool Money  $45,091 
Ajax Downs Classic Stakes  Ajax Downs  Rockish  $54,552 
Rocky Mountain Spring Classic Futurity  Pocatello Downs  JP Zoeyslittlesecret  $31,000 
Heritage Place Futurity (G1)  Remington Park  Stolis Winner  $1,106,320 
Heritage Place Derby (G1)  Remington Park  DMNV Mountable  $237,360 
Remington Park Invitational Championship (G1)      Remington Park  Chances Are I Will  $150,000 
Easy Jet Stakes (RG3)  Remington Park  Dance Across Thewire  $50,000 
Heritage Place Juvenile Stakes   Remington Park  Oak College Special  $25,000 
Land Run Stakes (R)  Remington Park  Duck Mea Running  $50,000 
New Mexico Breeders' Futurity (RG2)  SunRay Park  Roll A Miracle  $126,900 
Ring of Roses Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Senorita Tres  $15,000 



Date    Race                  Track              Winner      Purse 
31  Colors of the Wind Handicap      Retama Park  Dulce Bye N Bye      $17,500 
31  Remington Park Distance Handicap (G3)      Remington Park      Just Blink  $35,000 
31  Junos Request Stakes (G3)  Remington Park  Eyesa Country Miss      $53,850 
31  Animas Stakes  SunRay Park  BCR Flyin Bayou  $50,000 
26  Aberdeen Open Derby  Brown County Fair  Hasta Be Fast  $16,500 
26  Aberdeen South Dakota Bred Futurity (R)  Brown County Fair  Smashingly Classic  $17,265 
26  Fine Loom Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Tricky Dust  $40,000 
26  Bitterroot Futurity (RG2)  Les Bois Park  Snazzy Special Lead  $103,068 
26  Triple Eleven Stakes  Will Rogers Downs  Parklane Tee  $25,000 
25  Mexican QHA Classic (R)  Hipodromo de las Americas      Sandra Aguerrida  $29,091 
25  Aberdeen Open Futurity  Brown County Fair  Brother Vern  $16,700 
25  Robert Haubeck Memorial Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Bold Henry  $15,000 
25  Canterbury Park Express Stakes (G3)  Canterbury Park  Silver Fastbac  $29,600 
25  Dash For Speed Handicap  Arapahoe Park  Chick Chasin Cowboy  $16,650 
24  Tower of the Americas Handicap  Retama Park  Gray Invasion  $17,500 
24  Bitterroot Derby (R)  Les Bois Park  Checker  $22,560 
24  Indiana Downs Classic Stakes  Indiana Downs  Senorita Tres  $17,500 
24  Delta 550 Championship (RG3)  Delta Downs  Play Fast  $40,000 
24  Spring Fling Stakes (R)  Canterbury Park  First Hand Luke  $16,750 
23  El Ocho Setenta Handicap  Los Alamitos Snatch The Cash (TB)  $17,000 
18  Bucking Horse Futurity  Miles City, Montana  Takota Fame Dancer  $20,000 
17  Beehive Futurity (R)  Laurel Brown  El Bucanas  $43,246 
17  Double D Futurity  Laurel Brown  Rarely Dasher  $23,837 
17  Kindergarten Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Revv It Up  $340,150 
17  Bank of America East Challenge (G2)  Delta Downs  Heza Fast Classic  $81,450 
17  Ford East Juvenile Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  A Lil Tres Seis  $49,500 
17  Bayer Legend East Derby Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  This Flights For You  $41,580 
17  Merial East Distaff Challenge  Delta Downs  I Opening Sensation  $30,150 
17  Red Cell East Distance Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  Seminole Injun  $20,642 
17  Live Oak Stakes (R)  Retama Park  Pretty Special Perry  $20,000 
17  Rocky Mountain Turf Club Classic Stakes  Whoop Up Downs  Snowy Flyer  $17,600 
11  Bank of America Oklahoma Challenge (G1)      Remington Park  Okey Dokey Fonda  $102,690 
11  Merial Oklahoma Distaff Challenge (G3)  Remington Park  Eye Caughtcha Peekin  $42,930 
11  Red Cell Oklahoma Distance Challenge (G3)  Remington Park  High On Cat  $43,560 
11  Mother's Day Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  Cute N Shiny  $40,000 
10  Ford Texas Juvenile Challenge (G3  Retama Park  Brother Grimm  $67,500 
10  Mother's Day Silver Cup Stakes  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Cash Is Groovy  $15,000 
Universal City Handicap  Retama Park  Blue Ribbon Dash  $17,500 
Merial Mexico Distaff Challenge  Hipodromo de las Americas  Mekita  $23,290 
Santa Cruz County Derby  Santa Cruz Co. Fair  Feeling So Sweet  $16,000 
Sudden Impact Handicap  Remington Park  Dads On A Prowl  $36,400 
Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Derby (R)  Ft. Pierre  TM No Mo Mardi Gras  $15,000 
Ft. Pierre Open Futurity  Ft. Pierre  Flash N Passion  $18,900 
Merial Northwest Distaff Challenge  Sun Downs   Go Girl Gone  $43,560 
Sooner State Stakes (RG1)  Remington Park  Country Chicks Man  $100,000 
Ft. Pierre Open Derby  Ft. Pierre  No Temper Here  $16,200 
Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Futurity (R)  Ft. Pierre  Proud Royal Shakem  $18,450 
King William Handicap  Retama Park  El Zapatista  $20,000 
Lousiana Breeders' Lassie Futurity (RG2)  Delta Downs  Devins Secret  $283,500 
Lousiana Breeders' Laddie Futurity (RG2)  Delta Downs  Jack Platinum  $277,400 
Alabama Bred Futurity (RG3)  Delta Downs  For You Lou Im Fast  $59,315 
Dash For Roses Stakes  Will Rogers Downs  Chick Chasin Cowboy  $25,000 
Stampede Park AQHA Classic Stakes  Stampede Park  KR Streakin Who  $23,547 
Miss Princess Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Clydette Mia  $50,000 
La Villita Stakes  Retama Park  Eyesa Lil Cuervo  $17,500 
Desert Classic Futurity (RG3)  Turf Paradise  Rock N Tres Seis  $97,327 



Date    Race              Track          Winner          Purse       
27  Gem County Fair Futurity      Gem Co. Fair      Sum Special Hum      $19,556
26  Dillingham Handicap  Los Alamits  Daddy Dasher  $35,000 
26  Ben E. Keith Stakes (R)  Retama Park  Mountain Of Money  $17,500 
26  John Alleman Memorial Stakes (RG3)      Delta Downs  MCM Dozen Dasher  $40,000 
26  Louisiana Purchase Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  First Dashin Bye  $50,000 
25  La Pacifica Handicap   Los Alamitos  Shescheckinumout  $35,000 
20  Bob Moore Memorial Handicap (G3)  Remington Park      Duck Mea Running  $55,000 
20  Delta Dash Stakes  Delta Downs  Stones Copy  $20,000 
20  Pot O'Gold Futurity  Sun Downs Rockin Rylee  $44,230 
20  Manor Downs Futurity (G1)  Manor Downs  Executive Looks  $288,000 
20  Manor Downs Handicap IV  Manor Downs  Vital Winner  $17,900 
20  Manor Downs Derby (G2)  Manor Downs  JA Windchaser  $160,720 
20  Manor Downs Juvenile Invitational (R)  Manor Downs  Kicker Back Jack  $26,610 
20  Graham County Fair Stakes  Graham Co. Fair  Fly Me High  $15,100 
20  El Moro de Cumpas Futurity   Cochise Co. Fair  A Hot Valentine  $62,050 
20  West Texas Futurity (G1)  Sunland Park  Fast Prize Zoom  $300,958 
19 El Moro de Cumpas Stakes  Cochise Co. Fair  Leonas TR  $47,620 
19  Dixie Downs Derby  Dixie Downs  Chickado Doll  $15,000 
19  Dixie Downs Futurity  Dixie Downs  Tisa Dream Runne  $33,361 
19  Kaweah Bar Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Frankie Shoots  $25,000 
19  Remington Park Futurity (G1)  Remington Park  Streakin Six Cartel      $519,729 
19  Remington Park Derby (G1)  Remington Park  DMNV Mountable  $194,623 
19  Blink of an Eye Handicap  Remington Park  Dads On A Prowl  $30,000 
19  The Getaway Handicap  Sunland Park  Heavenly Corona  $50,000 
19  West Texas Juvenile Stakes (R)  Sunland Park  Mr Primetime Fame  $50,000 
19  Manor Downs Maturity (G3)  Manor Downs  Dictorial  $48,150 
13  Easily A Possum Derby  Hipodromo de las Americas      Brothers Star   $25,579 
13  Frances Carr Distaff Stakes (G3)  Manor Downs  Reba Cleata  $40,000 
13  New Mexican Spring Futurity (RG1)  Sunland Park  Hearts Runaway $342,850 
13  Bank of America New Mexico Challenge (G1)      Sunland Park  Run Perry Run  $113,490 
12  La Primera del Ano Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Forgive Him  $245,000 
12  New Mexican Spring Fling Stakes (R)  Sunland Park  One Diamond Kitty  $75,500 
12  TQHA Stakes (R)  Manor Downs  Truly Finishes First  $15,000 
11  El Primero del Ano Derby (G2) Los Alamitos  Fighter On Fire  $182,600 
The Prize Classic Stakes  Hipodromo de las Americas  Calientes Wrangler  $29,091 
Prankster CF Handicap (first div.)  Los Alamitos  Snatch The Cash (TB)  $15,000 
Prankster CF Handicap (second div.)  Los Alamitos  Tokay Flame  $15,000 
Dog Iron Dash Handicap   Will Rogers Downs  Okie Dokey Annie  $25,000 
West Texas Derby (G2)  Sunland Park  Jessgottahaveit  $150,926 


Date      Race              Track          Winner          Purse     
30  Pauls Valley Stakes (G3)      Remington Park      Joshuas Boy  $36,500 
30  Red Cell New Mexico Distance Challenge (G2)      Sunland Park  Tricky Dust  $61,380 
29  Carmel Handicap  Los Alamitos  Eye Am Forever Yours      $17,000 
29  Leo Stakes (G1)  Remington Park  Miss Kips Streakin  $102,500 
29  Decketta Stakes (G3)  Remington Park  Eyesa Country Miss  $39,000 
29  Manor Downs Handicap III  Manor Downs  Vital Winner  $17,600 
23  Katella Handicap  Los Alamitos  Feature Mr Liquidity  $35,000 
22  Manor Downs Handicap II  Manor Downs  Blazin Sixes  $18,200 
22  Oklahoma Derby (G2)  Remington Park  Duck Mea Running  $96,485 
22  Oklahoma Futurity (G2)  Remington Park  Corona Fireball  $254,607 
22  Mesilla Valley Speed Handicap (RG1)  Sunland Park  A First Caller  $100,000 
22  Cherokee Challenge Stakes  Will Rogers Downs      SV Black Eyed Susan  $35,000 
18  Harrah's Entertainment Futurity (G2)  Louisiana Downs  Sixy Royal King  $358,390 
16  Greenlee Special Stakes  Greenlee Co. Fair  My Dad  $17,150 
16  Longhorn Derby (G2)  Manor Downs  Pool  $125,310 
16  Swift Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Heza Jodys Toast  $25,000 
15  SLM Big Daddy Stakes  Remington Park  Vital Winner  $50,000 
15  Longhorn Futurity (G1)  Manor Downs  Baja Jazz  $185,440 
15  Billy Montgomery Stakes (R)  Louisiana Downs  First Dashin Bye  $60,000 
15  Blue Ribbon Derby (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Here To Entertain  $47,786 
15  Blue Ribbon Futurity (G2)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Spit Curl Diva  $131,706 
Chirina's Glory Classic  Hipodromo de las Americas      Sandra Aguerrida  $24,456 
8 Eastex Stakes Remington Park Eyesa Storm Too $55,000
West Texas Maturity (G2)  Sunland Park  Hey Holland  $107,540 
Flash Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Reba Cleata  $25,000 
Velocidad Classic Maturity (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas  Totally Done Back  $32,273 
Manor Downs Handicap I  Manor Downs  Miss Kips Streakin  $18,200 
New Mexico HBA Stakes (RG2)  Sunland Park  Blazin N Shakin  $125,000 
Magnolia Stakes (R) Louisiana Downs  Cajuns Game  $64,800 


Date      Race              Track              Winner          Purse     
26  Mardi Gras Futurity (RG2)      Louisiana Downs  Jet Black Patriot      $217,970 
25  Mardi Gras Derby (RG3)  Louisiana Downs      First Dashin Bye  $94,086 
23  Los Alamitos Winter Championship (G1)      Los Alamitos  A Stoli Mate  $237,800 
22  Los Alamitos Winter Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  A Mere Chocolate      $208,200 
17  Mr Jess Perry Stakes (R)  Louisiana Downs  Streakin Victor  $66,000 
16  Barbra B Handicap  Los Alamitos  El Corona Ariero  $17,000 
16  Party Girl Stakes (R)  Louisiana Downs  En Trepeins Jewel  $66,000 
Streakin La Jolla Stakes  Los Alamitos  Cantcatcha Corona  $27,500 
3 Mexican National Championship  Hipodromo de las Americas      He Be Jess Special  $39,091 
2 KOFX Radio Handica (G2)  Sunland Park  Mr Perry Dash  $50,000 
2 Harrah's Entertainment Derby (G2)  Louisiana Downs  Eyesa Jumpn  $256,690 


Date      Race                  Track              Winner              Purse     
26  Bank of America South America Challenge      Sao Paulo  Nikita Vista  $25,000 
26  Harrah's Distaff Stakes  Louisiana Downs      Miss Kips Streakin      $27,500 
25 Inaugural Classic (G3)  Hipodromo de las Americas      Gol McA  $39,091 
19  Marathon Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Chase Me To The End      $27,000 
13  Fullerton Handicap  Los Alamitos  Royal Bridlewood  $17,000 
12  Harrah's Dash Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Angelas Toast  $27,500 
Shue Fly Stakes (RG1)  Sunland Park  DPI Good Boy  $342,469