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2004 Stakes Winners

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Date     Race                          Track                      Winner                      Purse     
26  Championship at Sunland Park (G1)      Sunland Park  Mongoose Jet Eye  $400,000 
26  Holiday Handicap  Los Alamitos  The Down Side  $26,850 
18  Sunland Park Fall Futurity (G2)  Sunland Park  Cowboys N Injuns  $185,196 
18  Paul B. Ford Memorial Handicap  Los Alamitos  Blastin Holland  $26,850 
18  Jet Deck Handicap  Los Alamitos  Feel The Roar  $13,000 
18  Far West Futurity (RG3)  Portland Meadows  One Fast Trick  $59,000 
12  Southern California Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Hawkish  $130,950 
12  Marathon National (G1)  Los Alamitos  Prankster CF  $164,000 
12  Harrah's Entertainment Derby  Louisiana Downs  Hadtobenuts  $137,318 
12  Harrah's Star  Louisiana Downs  BBs First Beduino  $63,600 
12  Shue Fly Futurity (RG1)  Sunland Park  Win Mir  $227,545 
11  Louisiana Champions Day Classic  Fair Grounds  Village Tee Man  $100,000 
11  Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile  Fair Grounds  Slinky Binky  $100,000 
11  Louisiana Champions Day Derby  Fair Grounds  Vals Fortune  $100,000 
11  Harrah's Ladies Day  Louisiana Downs  This Snow Is Cold  $28,600 
11  Champion of Champions (G1)  Los Alamitos  Cash For Kas  $500,000 
10  Los Alamitos Juvenile Invitational  Los Alamitos  Jumpn  $35,000 
10  Naples Handicap  Los Alamitos  Mini Rock  $15,000 
10  Los Alamitos Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Ocean Runaway  $1,481,424 
Challenger Six Handicap (G2)  Sunland Park  Hecamefromaclaim (TB)      $129,800 
Harrah's Entertainment Futurity  Louisiana Downs  Bugs Mega Jet  $255,241 
Lou Wooten Handicap (RG1)  Sunland Park  Miranda Fame  $131,000 
Laguna Beach Handicap  Los Alamitos  Impeccable Timing  $15,000 


Date      Race                              Track                      Winner                      Purse     
28  Sunland Park Fall Derby (G2)      Sunland Park  The Road Boss  $90,839 
28  AQRA-Turf Paradise Futurity (G3)      Turf Paradise  Cause I Toll You So  $87,100 
28  Turf Paradise Championship  Turf Paradise  Chicks Mistress  $10,000 
28  Harrah's Dash Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Thunder O Toole  $28,600 
27  Streakin La Jolla Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Prime Talent  $28,300 
25  Marathon Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Not Much Color  $25,000 
21  Mr Jess Perry Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Magic Scoop  $53,500 
20  Billy Montgomery Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Vals Fortune  $73,625 
20  Portland Meadows Fall Derby  Portland Meadows  Kipas Special  $10,573 
20  Jess Burner Memorial Handicap (G1)      Sunland Park  Ongoing Ta Fame  $131,500 
19  Z. Wayne Griffith Directors Trial (Div. 2) (G3)      Los Alamitos  A Regal Choice  $20,000 
19  Z. Wayne Griffith Directors Trial (Div. 1) (G3)  Los Alamitos  The Down Side  $19,500 
14  LQHBA Futurity Consolation  Louisiana Downs  Haileighs Reeds Dash  $77,002 
13  LQHBA Futurity (RG1)  Louisiana Downs  Special Toast To GD  $436,347 
13 Oregon Bred Juvenile  Portland Meadows  I Can See You Now  $20,100 
13  Bradford Stakes  Hoosier Park  My Free Willie  $24,100 
13  Corona Chick Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Feel The Roar  $37,650 
12  Party Girl Stakes  Louisiana Downs  Cool Eleanor  $42,800 
12  Dana Point Handicap  Los Alamitos  So Significant  $15,000 
Black Gold Derby (RG3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Fats Cat  $31,717 
AQRA-Turf Paradise Open Derby (G3)  Turf Paradise  No Scrubs  $26,200 
Heza Fast Man Stakes  Turf Paradise  The Good Boy  $10,000 
Black Gold Futurity Championship (RG2)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Valdasher  $64,558 
Golden State Million Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Ocean Runaway  $1,002,400 
Indiana Breed Development Juvenile  Hoosier Park  Cigarette Buds  $20,000 
Indiana Breed Development Stakes  Hoosier Park  Leaders Policy  $20,000 
The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal Stakes      Sam Houston  Quick Kisses  $25,000 
Sooner Trailer Stakes  Sam Houston  Apollo Babe 123  $25,000 
AQHYA Stakes  Sam Houston  Shesa Bit Feisty  $20,700 
Professional's Choice Challenge Championship  Sam Houston  Katrina Duncan  $75,000 
Ford Challenge Championship (G1)  Sam Houston  Dash On A Mission  $150,000 
MD Barns Challenge Championship (G1)  Sam Houston  Run And Pray  $100,000 
MBNA America Challenge Championship (G1)  Sam Houston  SLM Snowman  $300,000 
John Deere Challenge Championship (G1)  Sam Houston  Sixy Thru Traffic  $100,000 
Bayer Legend Challenge Championship (G1)  Sam Houston  A New Hero  $175,000 
TQHA Stakes  Sam Houston  Amor Lijero  $25,000 
Palos Verdes Handicap  Los Alamitos  Blastin Holland  $15,000 
Los Alamitos Super Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Be A  Bono  $579,450 
Generation X Challenge  Sam Houston  El Tiburon Ligero  $35,100 
Nutrena Stakes  Sam Houston  Eyes Moving Easy  $25,000 
AQHA Members Plus Distaff  Sam Houston  Athena Raquel $25,000 
Los Alamitos Race Course Stakes  Sam Houston  Royals My Boy  $25,000 


Date      Race                          Track                      Winner                          Purse     
31  New Mexico Breeders' Futurity      SunRay Park  Crow River  $164,862 
31  Kansas Jackpot Derby (RG2)  The Woodlands  Sky Ro  $34,608 
31  Kansas Jackpot Futurity (RG2)  The Woodlands  Bugs Mega Jet  $115,890 
30  Woodlands Championship Handicap      The Woodlands  Royal Blue Chew Chew  $20,000 
30  Animas Stakes  Sunray Park  Shurnuf Streakin  $33,100 
30  Aged Stakes  Whoop Up Downs  First Place Jewel  $20,000 (CDN) 
30  Las Damas Handicap (G2)  Los Alamitos  Enjoy The Moment  $55,250 
30  Carencro Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Thunder O Toole  $11,800 
30  Texas Classic Derby (G1)  Sam Houston  Sixes Royal  $367,874 
29  First Down Dash Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Brookstone Bay  $38,750 
29  Texas Classic Futurity (G1)  Sam Houston  Azoom  $1,000,000 
29  Refrigerator Handicap (G1)  Lone Star Park  Silent Overdrive  $150,000 
24  New Mexico Horseman's Association Handicap      SunRay Park  Escondido  $68,000 
24  Horseman's Open Derby  Whoop Up Downs  Seditious  $23,720 
24  Dueling Oaks Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Shakem So Easy  $11,200 
23  Alberta Bred Futurity  Whoop Up Downs  Hes Almost Famous  $45,000 
23  All American Quarter Horse Congress Futurity (G3)      Beulah Park  Hope For Fame  $63,076 
23  All American Quarter Horse Congress Derby (G3)  Beulah Park  Callies Corona  $25,427 
23  All American Quarter Horse Congress Maturity (G3)  Beulah Park  A Down Right Runaway  $23,578 
23  St. Landry Stakes  Evangeline Downs  My Victory Cup  $11,200 
23  Louisiana Bred Stakes-4YO&Up Fillies & Mares   Louisiana Downs  Vals Streak  $51,800 
23  Louisiana Bred Stakes-4YO&Up Colts & Geldings  Louisiana Downs  Village Tee Man  $51,800 
23  Louisiana Bred Stakes - 3YO Fillies  Louisiana Downs  Cool Eleanor  $52,400 
23  Louisiana Bred Stakes - 3YO Colts & Geldings  Louisiana Downs  Vals Fortune  $51,500 
23  Louisiana Bred Stakes - 2YO  Louisiana Downs  Carry On Dash  $53,000 
17  Ford West/Southwest Challenge (G3)  Turf Paradise  Jacquay  $44,730 
17  MBNA America West/Southwest Challenge (G2)  Turf Paradise  Stars Snowbound  $79,073 
16  Governor's Stakes  Hoosier Park  Air Born Babe  $24,550 
16  Hoosier Park Classic  Hoosier Park  Speed Risk  $22,500 
16  QHRA of Indiana Derby  Hoosier Park  Mir  $24,500 
16  New Mexico Handicap (R)  SunRay Park  XS Nitro  $67,800 
16  Rocky Mountain Turf Club "Bcup" Stakes Div. 2  Whoop Up Downs  Heza Cash Request  $12,200 
16  Rocky Mountain Turf Club "Bcup" Stakes Div. 1  Whoop Up Downs  Royals Rumors  $12,050 
16  Los Alamitos Invitational Championship (G1)  Los Alamitos  Catchmeinyourdreams      $200,000 
16  Sugarland Stakes  Sam Houston  A Toast To Lightning  $14,500 
15  Huntington Beach Handicap  Los Alamitos  Apollos Favorite  $16,000 
15  Vermillion Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Jess Call Me  $22,500 
10  Royal Bushwacker Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Tiger Toole  $11,100 
10  Turf Paradise 870 Championship  Turf Paradise  Classy Sheikh  $10,000 
Pony Express Stakes  The Woodlands  Royal Blue Chew Chew  $10,000 
Pat Hyland Memorial Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Kash To Splash  $38,250 
Scott Lewis Handicap  Los Alamitos  Get Um Injun  $16,000 
Champion Forest Stakes  Sam Houston  The Blazin Man  $19,800 
Autumn Handicap  Los Alamitos  Lethal Bay  $27,400 
Kansas Futurity (G2)  The Woodlands  Corona On Tap  $114,228 
Kansas Derby  The Woodlands  Best Advice  $40,856 
New Mexico Breeders' Handicap  SunRay Park  Ongoing Ta Fame  $68,600 
Shiprock Handicap  SunRay Park  DH - Angel In Traffic
DH - Proud Mellena 
Jim Bowie Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Thunder O Toole  $10,670 
Oklahoma Bred Futurity  Blue Ribbon Downs  Stars Falling  $28,945 
Rio Grande Handicap  Sam Houston My Victory Cup  $21,000 
PCQHRA Breeders' Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Chicks Like Us  $291,000 
PCQHRA Breeders' Derby (G2)  Los Alamitos  Hawkish  $104,000 


Date      Race                      Track                      Winner                      Purse     
26 Lassie Handicap   Los Alamitos  Shaded In Speed  $14,000 
26  Yellowstone Downs Juvenile Championship      Yellowstone Downs  Sweet Tiger Lily  $34,830 
26  Yellowstone Downs Derby  Yellowstone Downs  Okey Dokey Partner  $18,630 
26  Oil Capital Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows      DH - Royal Gate
DH - Blazing Bryson 
26  Canada Cup Futurity  Whoop Up Downs  Poutnlori  $100,001 
26  Pomona Championship  Fairplex Park  Rare Coup  $16,750 
26  Bayer Legend Oklahoma Challenge (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Redman Running  $51,570 
26  Ford Oklahoma Challenge (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Plain Eye Opening  $53,820 
26  New Mexico State Fair Breeders' Derby (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Arbor Mist  $52,610 
25 New Mexico State Fair Senor Futurity (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Run Mr  $91,971
25  Opelousas Juvenile Stakes (Div. 2) (R) Evangeline Downs  GT Village Dasher  $18,000 
25  Opelousas Juvenile Stakes (Div. 1) (R)  Evangeline Downs  See Me Runaway  $18,200 
25  Canadian Cup Derby (R)  Whoop Up Downs  Seditious  $44,885 
25  Jayhawk Stakes  Woodlands Park  Say Speedy Driven  $15,000 
25  Michigan Bred Handicap (Div. 2)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  CT Buggin Out  $10,750 
25  Michigan Bred Handicap (Div. 1)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Wonder Smith  $10,750 
25  O.B. Cockerell Handicap  Downs at Albuquerque  A Long Goodbye  $30,000 
25  Buckeye Futurity (R)  Beulah Park  Reubens Luck  $10,000 
25  New Mexico State Fair Senorita Futurity (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Double Down Baby  $95,433 
25  Mildred N. Vessels Memorial Handicap (G1)      Los Alamitos  Mini Rock  $110,400 
25  Covered Bridges Stakes  Prairie Meadows  Jack Black And Ice (TB)      $25,900 
25  Valley Junction Futurity (G2)  Prairie Meadows  Flyin To Holland  $150,650 
25  Iowa Stallion Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  TRS Dashin Rona  $31,500 
25  Sam Houston Derby (G2)  Sam Houston  Splendid Sam Perry  $110,000 
24  Sam Houston Futurity (G1)  Sam Houston  Azoom  $350,000 
24  Two Rivers Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  SLM Snowman  $31,000 
24  Iowa Stallion Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows  All Points Bulletin  $42,600 
24  Altoona Derby (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Buillions N Garters  $58,200 
24  Sgt Pepper Feature Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Myster Quick Fix  $33,100 
19  Mt. Pleasant Meadows Budweiser Futurity (G1)  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Caliente Habanero  $55,520 
19  Black Gold Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Izza Whizzer  $24,500
19  Matchmaker Stakes  Fairplex Park  IB Quick Chick  $13,150 
19  Sunset 550 Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Glo Bar Dash  $11,450 
18  QHRA of Indiana Stallion Service Auction Derby  Hoosier Park  One Lucky Wrangler  $23,184 
18  QHRA of Indiana Stallion Service Auction Futurity (RG3)      Hoosier Park  Dashin With Silk  $60,389 
18  Gridiron Special Stakes  Prairie Meadows  Undine Cross  $13,400 
18  TQHA Sires' Cup Stakes (R)  Sam Houston  Gray Invasion  $18,500 
18  John Deere Canada Challenge   Whoop Up Downs  Dorothy Nell  $19,180 
18  Bayer Legend California Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  A New Hero  $39,690 
18  Pomona Juvenile Championship  Fairplex Park  Special Crown Royal  $14,500 
18  Evangeline Stakes  Evangeline Downs  Village Tee Man  $18,050 
12  Pomona Express  Fairplex Park  Santispac  $13,675 
12  Buttons & Bows Handicap  Downs at Albuquerque  Rarest Daisy  $24,450 
11  Go Man Go Handicap (G1)  Los Alamitos  Catchmeinyourdreams  $108,352 
10  Cerritos Handicap  Los Alamitos  Debuts Dasher  $16,000 
All American Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  DM Shicago  $1,900,000 
All American Juvenile Invitational (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  Desirio  $150,000 
Mile High Futurity (G2)  Arapahoe Park  You Betcha Can  $118,765 
Oklahoma Futurity (G2)  Blue Ribbon Downs  First High Royalty  $81,954 
Oklahoma Derby (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Pure D Zaks  $34,495 
Dixie Stallion Futurity (RG3)  Sam Houston  Real Easy Okey  $84,077 
Louisiana QHBA Sale Futurity (RG1)  Evangeline Downs  Jess A Feature  $362,910 
Miss Blackhawk Stakes  Prairie Meadows  Rule The Skies  $20,000 
Mile High Derby (G2)  Arapahoe Park  Lady Six Meter  $65,375 
All American Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Brimmerton  $556,831 
Governor's Cup Marathon Handicap (G3)  Sam Houston  My Victory Cup  $43,000 
Yavapai Futurity (G3)  Yavapai Downs  Cause I Toll You So  $66,800 
Four Corners Futurity (G3)  SunRay Park  Crow River  $82,902 
All American Gold Cup (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Jess Rapid  $30,000 
Brigand Handicap (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Hecamefromaclaim (TB)  $30,000 
Sam Houston Classic (G2)  Sam Houston  Silent Overdrive  $61,000 
4 Mt. Pleasant Meadows Handicap   Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Strawfly Fortune  $13,100 
4 Jack Clifford Stakes California State Fair  Its Time To Jazz  $14,445 
Louis Curtis/Robert Kieckhefer Memorial Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Lots Of Chicks  $10,000 
3 Bull Rastus Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Oak Canyon  $27,150 


Date      Race                          Track                              Horse                          Purse     
29  Prairie Gold Futurity (R)      Northlands Park  Eye An The Breeze  $44,360 
29  Prairie Gold Derby  Northlands Park  A Streak Of Mac  $24,000 
29  AQHRA Sprint Stakes  Northlands Park Heza Hot Hit  $15,000 
28  Jim Bader Memorial Futurity (RG3)      Prairie Meadows  WRS Special Shoe  $71,950 
28  Polk County Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Fastballs Mighty Bug  $55,500 
28  Terrace Hill Stakes (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Eye The Hawkeye  $40,000 
28  Future of Iowa Stakes  Prairie Meadows  Lews Little Shakem  $40,000 
28  Ford California Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  Dash On A Mission  $41,580 
28  Bluebonnet Stakes  Sam Houston Race Park  SR Razzmatazz  $20,500 
22  89 & Under Stakes  Wyoming Downs  Corona Jazz  $21,600 
22  Diamond Classic Futurity Consolation (R)      Wyoming Downs  Fancy Red Roaster  $11,519 
22  Diamond Classic Derby (R)  Wyoming Downs  Otta Be Special  $14,932 
22  Diamond Classic Futurity (RG3)  Wyoming Downs  Sheza Jo Baby Jo  $67,378 
22  La Plata Handicap  SunRay Park  A Long Goodbye  $32,200 
22  Minnesota Futurity  Canterbury Park  CS Night Light  $23,200 
22  Minnesota Derby  Canterbury Park  Hot Hoofs N Traffic  $22,600 
22  Freedom Financial Distance Classic  Northlands Park  Dash Vartanush  $12,500 
22  Alberta Classic (R)  Northlands Park  Desiny Rode  $15,000 
22 Great Lakes QHA Stallion Service Sale  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  World Class Speed  $20,970 
22  Michigan Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Rompen Rollem Martha  $13,300 
22  Ruidoso 550 Championship (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Fed Ex Together  $25,000 
21  Harrisburg Handicap  Sam Houston  Brown Special   $14,250 
21  MBNA America Central Challenge (G2)  Prairie Meadows  SLM Snowman  $71,820 
21  MD Barns Central Challenge (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Go Easy Snow  $23,490 
21  John Deere California Challenge (G3)  Los Alamitos  Prima LD  $24,480 
21  Black Gold 330 Futurity (R)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Dolly Flame  $24,500 
20  John Deere Central Challenge (G3)  Prairie Meadows  This Candys Special  $22,230 
15  MBNA America East Challenge (G2)  Delta Downs  Oak Tree Special  $80,100 
15  Ford East Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  First Comment  $52,110 
15  Professional's Choice East Challenge  Delta Downs  Fast Talkin Val  $22,680 
15  MD Barns East Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  Seek N Destroy  $21,330 
15  John Deere East Chalelnge (G3)  Delta Downs  Sixy Thru Traffic  $29,340 
15  Bayer Legend East Challenge (G3)  Delta Downs  Fredricksburg  $44,550 
15  MD Barns West/Southwest Challenge (G3)  Wyoming Downs  Runbyu $22,500 
15  Northern Plains Futurity   North Dakota Horse Park  Super De Brakes  $20,912 
14  Queen City Dash  River Downs  Casa De Royality  $10,000 
14  Bosen All Breed Futurity  Oneida Co. Fair  Im Speedy Two  $35,000 
14  Gillespie County Fair Maiden Classic  Gillespie Co. Fair  Heza Shaker  $35,300 
14  Marathon Handicap  SunRay Park  Runnin Roscoe  $32,600 
14  Golden State Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Not For Long  $173,200 
14  TQHA Sales Futurity (RG1)  Sam Houston  Azoom  $283,422 
14  Rocky Mountain Futurity  Arapahoe Park  Mr Goldeneye  $84,825 
14  MBNA American Canada Challenge (G3)  Evergreen Park  Katies Sign  $50,310 
Bob Moorehouse Memorial Stakes  Canterbury Park  Well Rock My World  $18,200 
North Centrah QHRA Futurity   Canterbury Park  First Smart Muggins  $29,250 
Cowboy Classic Futurity (G3)  Wyoming Downs  BJ A Dash Of Rum  $34,900 
Ford New Mexico Challenge (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Eye Yin You  $70,110 
Bayer Legend West/Southwest Challenge (G3)         Arapahoe Park  Streakin Kilobyte  $40,950 
Mile High Handicap  Arapahoe Park  Strike Light  $11,200 
Mr Jess Perry Stakes  Delta Downs  Village Tee Man  $35,000 
Ford Canada Challenge  Evergreen Park  Sizzlin Red Corona  $29,970 
North Dakota Horse Park Inaugural Handicap  North Dakota Horse Park  Wholelotta Dash  $10,000 
Best of Both Breeds Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Heza Mystic Man  $10,000 
Mr Jet Moore Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Speed Cartel  $25,000 
Woodlands Stakes (Div. 2)  Sam Houston Dashin For Bucks  $14,000
Woodlands Stakes (Div. 1)  Sam Houston Zooms The Word  $14,000 
Vessels Maturity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Mongoose Jet Eye  $141,400 
MD Barns California Challenge  Los Alamitos  Bac In The Saddle  $22,500 
Oceanside Handicap  Los Alamitos  Start The Commotion  $15,000 
Manitoba Speed Horse Futurity   Assiniboia Downs  Mitey Big Surprise  $11,150 
Great Falls HRA Derby  Great Falls  Zoo Zoo Zoom  $11,850 
Bonnett-Brodon Futurity  Grande Prairie  Lead N Leave Em  $10,000 
Zia Handicap (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  XS Nitro  $45,000 
Zia Juvenile Invitational  Ruidoso Downs  Whata Lucky Man  $30,000 
1 Zia 870 Championship  Ruidoso Downs  Mr Roberto  $45,000 
Zia Derby (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  Ongoing Ta Fame  $94,405 
Zia Futurity (RG1)  Ruidoso Downs  Uno Menudo  $317,068 
Ed Burke Memorial Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Heza Secret Diamond      $418,000 
Iowa Double Gold Derby (RG3)  Prairie Meadows  Apollo Dutch Man  $37,600 
1 Iowa Double Gold Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows WRS Special Shoe $70,184
1 Yavapai Downs Derby (G3) Yavapai Downs No Scrubs $22,400


Date      Race                          Track                      Winner                          Purse     
31  Idaho Cup Derby  Les Bois Park  Go For Fame  $20,325 
31  Idaho Cup Futurity  Les Bois Park  Twaynas Fancy Pants  $29,741 
31  Idaho Cup Maturity  Les Bois Park  Wild Man Ronnie  $14,202 
31  Head Pin Handicap  Sonoma Co. Fair  Cocktail Dreams  $10,330 
31  Arizona Stallion Owners Association Futurity (RG3)      Yavapai Downs  Count On Pearl  $36,220 
31  Great Falls HRA Futurity  Great Falls  Royal Classic Power  $17,450 
30  Classic Chevrolet Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston  Sixy Thru Traffic  $44,500 
30  TQHA 550 Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston  Gray Invasion  $45,250 
30  Barnmaster Sprint Stakes (RG3)  Sam Houston  Ronas Wind Dancer  $45,500 
30  Garden Grove Handicap  Los Alamitos  A Sisstar  $13,000 
25  John Deere West/Southwest Challenge (G3)  Arapahoe Park  Rarest Daisy  $22,770 
25  Mt. Pleasant Meadows Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows      Deltas Hot Knight  $18,960 
25  Rainbow Juvenile Invitational (RG3)  Ruidoso Downs  Bringinsomecash  $75,000 
25  Rainbow Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Thewayouwantmetoo      $625,000 
24  Ruidoso Downs Stakes  Ruidoso Downs  Fast Movin Snow  $15,800 
24  Delta 550 Stakes  Delta Downs  Jess Like Magic  $35,000 
24  Vinton Stakes  Delta Downs  Vals Fortune  $48,500 
24  Cherokee Nation Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Hurried Romance  $33,275 
24  Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Derby (RG3)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Redman Running  $100,000 
24  Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup Futurity (RG2)  Fair Meadwos at Tulsa  Phoebes Otoole  $330,000 
24  IQHRA Sale Futurity  Prairie Meadows  Driving Rain  $50,448 
24  Rainbow Derby (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  Brimmerton  $307,182 
24  NEBO Stallion All Breed Futurity Wyoming Downs Edgen Out  $10,400 
18  GLQHA Michigan Bred Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Bruiser Buddy  $29,265 
18  Silver Dollar Derby  Wyoming Downs  Mutt And Me  $13,255 
18  Silver Dollar Futurity  Wyoming Downs  On A Verizon  $65,567 
18  Cherry Creek Juvenile Invitational  Arapahoe Park  Centers Flyin Cash  $12,230 
18  Cherry Creek Futurity  Arapahoe Park  Chivato Star  $89,060 
18  MD Barns Northwest Challenge (G3)  Les Bois Park  Runbyu  $18,720 
18  TQHA Futurity (R)  Gillespie Co. Fair  Hezarealwinner  $20,550 
17  Aurora Derby  Arapahoe Park  A Royal Miracle  $41,930 
17  Rio Rico Futurity (G3)  Gillespie Co. Fair  MB Boots Magic  $71,800 
17  Alabama Juvenile  Delta Downs  Nora Jane La Jolla  $30,000 
17  Fair Meadows Juvenile  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Firstdown Goal To Go  $34,940 
17  Prairie Meadows 870  Prairie Meadows  Cass Can  $22,660 
17  Humble Stakes  Sam Houston  Red Dog Leader  $13,500 
11  Wyoming Downs All Breed Futurity  Wyoming Downs  BJ A Dash Of Rum  $29,470 
11  Wyoming Downs All Breed Derby  Wyoming Downs  Noble Art  $24,012 
11  Michigan Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Dashin Snap  $23,920 
11  Maple Leaf Futurity  Picov Downs  Eye Dash  $10,000 
11  Jack Robinson Handicap  Pleasanton  Whirley Side (TB)  $10,440 
11  Cash Caravan Stakes  Canterbury Park  Well Rock My World  $23,700 
11  Minnesota Summer Soiree Stakes  Canterbury Park  DS Susie Spitfire  $14,950 
11  Virgil Bond Stakes  Delta Downs  Not Much Color  $15,000 
10  Miss Polly Classic (G3)  Delta Downs  Party Hound  $25,000 
10  Rocky Heinzig Memorial Stakes  Fair Meadows  Tennessee Dasher  $33,310 
10  Keokuk Stakes (G3)  Prairie Meadows  Shakem Elvis  $23,000 
10  Oklahoma Express Stakes  Fair Meadows  Shawshank  $37,000 
10  Swanberg Maturity  Grande Prairie  First Place Jewel  $10,000 
10  Blane Schvaneveldt Futurity  Wyoming Downs  Crow River  $31,650 
10  Dusty Simpson/Jody Behunin  Wyoming Downs  Hollywoods Cash Flo  $11,400 
10  Professional's Choice West/Southwest   Wyoming Downs  F sixteen  $18,810 
10  Vandy's Flash Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Wired To Fly $27,100 
10  Don Boyd Handicap  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  A Down Right Runaway $13,700 
9 Debutante Stakes   Los Alamitos  Sassy J Valentine  $15,000 
Los Alamitos Stakes  The Red Mile Talk On Rona  $15,000 
Kansas Bred Derby  Eureka Downs  First Driver Abe  $11,367 
Kansas Bred Futurity (G3)  Eureka Downs  Ice Dreams  $39,489 
Withnell Dodge Firecracker Futurity  Grants Pass  One Fast Trick  $43,000 
Firecracker Futurity (G2)  Delta Downs  Wings Of La Jolla  $215,250 
Firecracker Derby (G2)  Delta Downs  Jack Zee Quick  $100,500 
Master Salls Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Royals My Boy  $25,000 
Canterbury Park Derby (G3)  Canterbury Park  Eyeoughta  $37,525 
Fort Harrod Futurity  The Red Mile  Cigarette Buds  $10,000 
Northalnds Futurity (G3)  Canterbury Park  Dashin Down First  $56,350 
Dash For Speed Handicap  Arapahoe Park  Strike Light  $12,500 
Ford Northwest Challenge (G3)  Les Bois Park  Budderfly Effect   $43,470 
PCQHRA Handicap  Pleasanton Straw Fly Surprise $10,275
Golden Driller Stakes  Fair Meadows  Doittoem Gambler  $33,725 
All Canadian Futurity of Alberta  Whoop Up Downs  Sizzlin Red Corona  $36,410 
Kansas Jackpot Maturity   Eureka Downs  Say Speedy Driven  $13,700 
TQHA Sires' Cup Futurity (G2)  Sam Houston  Shake Em Fever  $134,748 
TQHA Sires' Cup Consolation  Sam Houston  Imagine If  $14,972 
TQHA Sires' Cup Derby (G3)  Sam Houston  Splendid Sam Perry  $52,280 
Higheasterjet Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Fortune Flyer  $25,000 
Independence Day Handicap  Los Alamitos  Pats Charming Guy  $26,350 
2 Stars And Stripes Handicap  Los Alamitos  McKaizlees Kiss  $15,000 


Date      Race                                              Track                               Winner                          Purse     
27  Great Lakes Stakes  Canterbury Park  GW Chicks  $18,250 
27  MBNA America Northwest Challenge (G2)      Les Bois Park  AB What A Runner  $76,590 
27  Bayer Legend Northwest Challenge (G3)  Les Bois Park  Go For Fame  $45,090 
26  Desert Classic Derby  Yavapai Downs  Crown On The Rocks  $23,300 
26  Stockton Derby  San Joaquin Fair  Myster Quick Fix  $11,580 
26  Magnolia Stakes  Sam Houston  Prime Talent  $15,500 
26  Bayer Legend Canada Challenge (G3)  Whoop Up Downs A Special Martini  $31,140 
26 John Deere New Mexico Challenge (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Regal Fly  $30,240 
26  Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Futurity   Canterbury Park  Royal Time Impact  $30,000 
26  Lee Berwick Memorial Futurity (RG3)  Delta Downs  Prevailing Style  $262,475 
25  Expo Square Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Shawshank  $32,315 
20 Mark T Bars Handicap  Yavapai Downs  Lots Of Chicks  $10,000 
20  Bayer Legend New Mexico Challenge (G3)  Ruidoso Downs  Royal Medallion  $43,380 
20  Ruidoso Sale Futurity  Ruidoso Downs  Win Mir  $203,446 
20  Top Deck Handicap  Downs at Albuquerque  Push The Pace  $44,650 
19  Greenspoint Stakes  Sam Houston  Carlotta Dream  $15,500 
19  Dutch Masters III Futurity  Jerome County Fair  SD Two Socks  $10,000 
19  California Breeders' Marathon Stakes (RG3)  Los Alamitos  Kash To Splash  $26,250 
19  California Breeders' Matron Stakes (RG3)  Los Alamitos  Enjoy The Moment  $49,848 
19  California Breeders' Freshman Stakes  Los Alamitos  Splashinator  $27,750 
19  California Breeders' Sprint Stakes  Los Alamitos  Sum Special Strawfly  $27,450 
19  California Breeders' 550 Sophomore Stakes      Los Alamitos  Traffic Maze  $26,650 
19  Governor's Cup Futurity (RG1)  Los Alamitos  Ocean Runaway  $334,000 
19  Governor's Cup Derby (RG1)  Los Alamitos  Not For Long  $120,000 
19  Spencer Childers California Breeders' Championship (RG1)      Los Alamitos  Be A Bono  $148,100 
18  Jaguar Rocket Stakes  Indiana Downs  Hooked On Laveaux  $18,150 
13  Ruidoso Futurity (G1)  Ruidoso Downs  All About Ease  $500,000 
13  Ruidoso Derby (G2)  Ruidoso Downs  Jess Rapid  $224,478 
13  Ruidoso Juvenile Invitational (R)  Ruidoso Downs  BS My Favorite Sport  $50,000 
13  Develop A Plan Stakes  Delta Downs  Party Hound  $15,000 
13  Louisiana Classic Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  Silent Overdrive  $75,000 
12  Oklahoma Horsemen's Association Futurtiy (RG3)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Firstdown Goal To Go  $100,000 
12  Oklahoma Horsemen's Association Derby (RG3)  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Bullions N Garters  $65,000 
12  Belles Stakes  Fair Meadows at Tulsa  Bullisa  $32,500 
12  Spring Branch Stakes   Sam Houston  Mairis Cartel  $15,250 
12  The Lineage Championship (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  XS Nitro  $42,300 
12  John Augustine Handicap (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Mega Dark  $42,300 
12  Pelican Stakes (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Shez Classy Now  $42,300 
12  Hard Twist Stakes (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  High On A Miracle  $42,300 
11  Bayer Legend Central Challenge (G3)  Canterbury Park  Above And Beyone Me  $50,670 
11  Denim N Diamonds Handicap  Los Alamitos  Act Up  $15,000 
Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Derby  Canterbury Park  CS Flashlight  $18,600 
Earl Clark Memorial Futurity  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Wranglers Torch  $20,160 
River Oak Stakes  Sam Houston   Real Reckless  $15,500 
High Set Stakes  Delta Downs  Nipeminthebud  $15,000 
Albuquerque Spring Derby (R)  Downs at Albuquerque  Streakin Kilobyte  $44,500 
Ford Central Challenge (G3)  Canterbury Park  WRS Special Shoe  $39,510 
Bitterroot Futurity (RG2)  Les Bois Park  Jacquay  $109,836 
Bitterroot Derby  Les Bois Park  Brewskies Express  $28,370
2 Bitterroot Juvenile Les Bois Park Budj $10,000


Date      Race                                  Track                              Winner                      Purse     
31  John Deere Oklahoma Challenge (G3)      Remington Park  Corona Coquette  $35,010 
31  Sooner State Stakes  Remington Park  Apollos Ten Bears  $54,750 
31  Ford Texas Challenge (G2)  Sam Houston  Maid It Special  $98,550 
31 John Deere Texas Challenge Sam Houston Sixes Ms Perry $26,820
31  Ring of Roses Derby  Mt. Pleasant Meadows  Rompen Rollem Martha      $17,320 
30  Robert Heubeck Memorial Stakes  Yavapai Downs  Jimmy Eat World  $10,000 
30  Fine Loom Handicap  Ruidoso Downs  Royals My Boy  $25,000 
30  Sophomore Showdown Stakes  Delta Downs  Looks Like A Runner  $15,000 
30  Bayer Legend Texas Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston  Brimmerton  $59,940 
29  MBNA America Texas Challenge (G1)      Sam Houston  Valors Gold  $89,910 
29  Heritage Place Futurity (G1)  Remington Park  Phoebes Otoole  $378,299 
29  Heritage Place Derby (G1)  Remington Park  Spit Curl Jess  $106,530 
29  All Canadian Derby  Whoop Up Downs  Adulteress  $19,400 
29  Delta Downs Derby (G2)  Delta Downs  Vals Fortune  $141,750 
29  Bob Moore Memorial Stakes  Remington Park  Friday 123  $17,740 
29  MD Barns Texas Distance Challenge (G3)  Sam Houston  Run And Pray  $24,570 
29  Canterbury Park Express Stakes  Canterbury Park  Silver N Six  $18,000 
29  South Dakota Bred Derby  Brown County Fair  Flick Your Brakes  $14,216 
29  MBNA America California Challenge (G2)  Los Alamitos  Sky Lane Pie  $67,860 
28  Town Policy Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  He Could Be The One  $26,800 
23  Live Oak Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Judes Mighty Dude $35,000 
22  Alabama Sires Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  Purna Fast Man  $30,000 
22  James S. Smith Memorial Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Oak Canyon  $32,500 
22  Stephen F. Austin Stakes (R)  Sam Houston  Dashtothe Millenium  $14,250 
21  Pacific Beach Handicap  Los Alamitos  Sammies White Chick  $15,000 
15  Miss Houston Stakes  Sam Houston  No Fees  $14,750 
15  Carolyn Hebert Memorial Stakes  Delta Downs  Jewels Fortune  $35,000 
15  Kindergarten Futurity (G1)  Los Alamitos  Dash To The End  $350,000 
15  MBNA America Oklahoma Challenge (G1)      Remington Park  Special Task Force  $88,200 
14  MD Barns Oklahoma Challenge  Remington Park  Rulon Gardener  $20,790 
Ft. Pierre Futurity  Ft. Pierre  Sweet Tiger Lily  $21,666 
Ft. Pierre Derby  Ft. Pierre  More Nachos  $17,090 
Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Futurity (R)  Ft. Pierre Special Dark Eyes  $15,594 
Ft. Pierre South Dakota Bred Derby (R)  Ft. Pierre  Corona Up  $12,954 
Cimarron Handicap (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  XS Nitro  $43,200 
Sam Houston Texas Bred Futurity (R)  Sam Houston  Powerful Injun  $160,800 
Cajun Sprint Stakes  Delta Downs  A Dash Of That  $15,000 
John Deere Northwest Challenge  Sun Downs  Katies Sign  $21,330 
Gulf Coast Stakes  Sam Houston  Jack Zee Quick  $14,000 
Manor Downs Futurity (G2)  Sam Houston  Kathys Star Quest      $268,230 
Alabama Bred Derby  Delta Downs  Toy Dreams  $37,980 
Alabama Bred Futurity  Delta Downs  Nora Jane La Jolla  $82,010 
Louisiana Graduation Stakes  Delta Downs  Toast To Topper  $73,900 


Date      Race                                      Track                              Winner                              Purse     
30  Gold Rush Derby (G3)  Los Alamitos  Rockin The Ship (TB)  $60,650 
25  Manuel Lujan Handicap (RG3)  Downs at Albuquerque  La Talea  $44,150 
25  Louisiana Breeders' Lassie Futurity (RG3)      Delta Downs  Redneck Patriot  $128,000 
25  Louisiana Breeders' Laddie Futurity (RG3)  Delta Downs  Warrior Winner  $127,500 
25  Manor Downs Maturity (G3) Manor Downs  Gray Invasion  $40,050 
24  Manor Downs Debry (G2)  Manor Downs  First Kool Baby  $126,650 
24  Special Hank Handicap (G3) Downs at Albuquerque  Royals My Boy  $43,100 
24  Harris County Stakes  Sam Houston  Miss Cash Streak  $15,000 
24  Remington Park Derby (G1)  Remington Park  Wild Bill Mae  $75,800 
24  Remington Park Futurity (G1)  Remington Park  Eye Yin You  $169,216 
24  Quicksilver Stakes  Remington Park  Altered Intentions  $25,000 
23  Stampede Park Classic Stakes  Stampede Park  Heza Hot Hit  $16,500 
23  Seal Beach Handicap  Los Alamitos  Contend  $15,000 
18  Black Gold 300 Futurity  Blue Ribbon Downs  Heza Real Eye Opener  $24,000 
18  John Alleman Memorial Stakes (RG3)  Delta Downs  Village Tee Man  $35,000 
18  Red Earth Handicap  Remington Park  De Elegant Dasher  $11,120 
18  Frances Carr Distaff  Manor Downs  Athena Raquel  $40,000 
17 Manor Downs Handicap  Manor Downs  Shawshank  $18,200 
17  El Moro De Cumpas Stakes   Cochise Co. Fair  Hot Rod Nova  $27,190 
17  TQHA Texas Bred Stakes  Manor Downs  Twenty Twenty Type  $18,300 
16 La Primera Del Ano Derby (G2)  Los Alamitos  So Significant  $143,200 
16  El Primero Del Ano Derby (G2)  Los Alamitos  Ocean Cartel  $131,200 
16  Arizona Quarter Horse Racing President's Open Spring Futurity      Turf Paradise  A Faster Streaker  $53,985 
16  Indiana Downs Classic Stakes  Indiana Downs  JJs Pena Colida  $24,350 
16 Blue River Derby Indiana Downs Night Beat Gambler $15,000
11  West Texas Futurity (G1)  Sunland Park  A Stone Runaway  $316,906 
11  MBNA America New Mexico Challenge (G1)  Sunland Park  Push The Pace  $106,920 
11  Cottonwood Handicap (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Streakin Kilobyte  $43,650 
11  Louisiana Purchase Stakes (R)  Delta Downs  JT Tom Cat Scat  $50,000 
11  Delta Dash Stakes  Delta Downs  Gotabenuts  $15,000 
10  Lazy E Futurity (RG2)  Remington Park  Conner Can  $151,957 
10  Lazy E Derby (RG2)  Remington Park  King Of The Mall  $99,755 
10  Eastex Handicap (G2)  Remington Park  Strike Light  $20,800 
10  La Mariposa Handicap (G3)  Downs at Albuquerque  Regal Fly  $44,300 
10  Miss Princess Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  DH - Deeheiress
DH - Enjoy The Moment 
10  West Texas Juvenile (R)  Sunland Park  Arriba Reba  $50,500 
10  New Mexican Spring Futurity (RG1)  Sunland Park  Famous Phoebe  $327,934 
9 Kaweah Bar Handicap (G3)  Los Alamitos  Sky Lane Pie  $26,600 
New Mexican Spring Fling (R)  Sunland Park  Famous Copy  $60,700 
Getaway Handicap  Sunland Park  Hecamefromaclaim (TB)  $53,200 
Newport Beach Handicap  Los Alamitos  Tricky Dust  $27,300 
Manor Downs Handicap (G2)  Manor Downs  Fast First Dash  $17,400 
Harbor View Handicap  Los Alamitos  Wired To Fly  $15,000 
Professional's Choice Northwest Claiming Challenge  Portland Meadows  A Toast To KC  $18,630 
Remington Park Distance Championship (G3)  Remington Park  Rulon Gardner  $10,800 
Paradise Handicap  Los Alamitos  That Lovely Day  $15,000 


Date      Race                                                          Track                              Winner                              Purse     
28  Manor Downs Handicap  Manor Downs  Prime Talent  $17,400 
27  Manor Downs Sophomre Stakes  Manor Downs  Impac On Ice  $18,000 
27  West Texas Derby (G2)  Sunland Park  Viva La Vicky  $115,713 
21  MD Barns New Mexico Challenge (G3)      Sunland Park  Get Solid  $62,100 
21  Ocean View Handicap  Los Alamitos  Be Real Quick  $17,000 
21  Longhorn Derby (G3)  Manor Downs  Counting Sheep  $105,190 
21  Longhorn Juvenile Invitational (R)  Manor Downs  MB Boots Magic  $18,530 
21  Blue Ribbon Futurity (G2)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Endaleabull  $148,550 
21  Blue Ribbon Derby (G3)  Blue Ribbon Downs  Heza Easy Gambler  $46,228 
20  Longhorn Futurity (G2)  Manor Downs  Gol Tjka  $198,240 
20  Dillingham Handicap  Los Alamitos  Ze Eye  $26,350 
19  Portland Meadows Derby  Portland Meadows  A Special Martini  $16,120 
19  La Pacifica Handicap  Los Alamitos  Jabonerita Chicks  $26,600 
13  Mt. Cristo Rey Handicap (RG2)  Sunland Park  Indy Bud Bob  $104,300 
13  Ivan Ashment Handicap  Los Alamitos  Classic Tol  $26,300 
12  Mardi Gras Derby (RG3)  Fair Grounds  Toast To Mallard  $39,364 
11  Mardi Gras Futurity (RG2)  Fair Grounds  Games Gambler Magic      $119,376 
Manor Downs Handicap  Manor Downs  Athena Raquel  $18,100 
Mesilla Valley Speed Handicap (RG2)  Sunland Park  Negro De Az  $104,000 
Easy Date Handicap  Los Alamitos  Bobbiesdashnfavorite  $18,000 
Catalina Derby (G3)  Los Alamitos  Rockin The Ship (TB)  $57,800 


Date     Race                                  Track                      Winner                  Purse     
28  West Texas Maturity (G2)      Sunland Park  Push The Pace  $69,476 
28  Los Alamitos Winter Championship (G1)      Los Alamitos  Buccaneer Beach      $200,000 
27  Los Alamitos Winter Derby (G1)  Los Alamitos  Be A Bono  $200,000 
22  Casino Cash Derby (G2)  Sunland Park  Gage Man  $122,680 
21  Budweiser Handicap (G3)  Sunland Park  Bang (TB)  $54,029 
21  Sign Of Lanty Handicap   Los Alamitos  IB Chick Quick  $18,000 
20  Madeira Beach Handicap   Los Alamitos  Willie Gotta Pie  $18,000 
15  New Mexico HBA Stakes  (RG3)  Sunland Park  Ongoing Ta Fame  $131,000 


Date      Race                              Track                          Winner                      Purse     
31  Moonshiner Handicap (G3)      Los Alamitos  Back To Streak  $26,650 
31  KHEY/Y96 Handicap (G3)  Sunland Park  Corona Coquette          $54,450 
24  Super Bowl Handicap  Los Alamitos  He Could Be The One $27,400
10  Charger Bar Handicap (G1)          Los Alamitos                  AB What A Runner          $137,750