Bonus Challenge


  Bonus Challenge Schedule  

Bonus Challenge presented by MarkelPurpose

Bonus Challenge races are designed to provide even more racing opportunities for Challenge-enrolled horses at racetracks across the country. 

Program Timeline 

An application process will be used each year to choose the participating racetracks. Host track selections will be made final by the American Quarter Horse Association Racing Council. 


$100,000 will be available to the Bonus Challenge program. AQHA will match up to $10,000 of added money to an existing or new stakes race at participating tracks. (Example: if ten tracks agree to match $10,000, then there could be ten Bonus Challenge races; if 20 tracks all bid $5,000, then there could be 20 Bonus Challenge races carded.) Final determinations will be made by the AQHA Racing Council.   

Eligible Races 

  1. Race conditions will be set by the individual tracks.
  2. Races with $15,000 or more in purses may be a recognized AQHA stakes race.  

Enrollment in the Bank of America Racing Challenge is required for entry to all Bonus Challenge races. All races must have a minimum of five entries to be run. If there is not a minimum of five horses, Bonus Challenge purse funds will be held by AQHA and redistributed in the next calendar year through the Bonus Challenge fund. The final decision and preference system for individual races will be made by the host track facility and the AQHA Racing Council representative of the Bank of America Racing Challenge. 

Rules and Regulations 

Races will be run under rules set forth by each jurisdiction in which a Bonus Challenge race is run. Any rules infraction or disqualification arising out of an individual Bonus Challenge race will be handled by the jurisdiction in which the race is held in. Any questions or disputes arising over the eligibility of a Challenge-enrolled horse will be handled by the AQHA Racing Council’s representative of the Bank of America Racing Challenge. You must be an AQHA member to enter a horse in a Bonus Challenge race.

Challenge Championships 

Bonus Challenge races do not carry berths to any of the six Bank of America Challenge Championship races. Horses may still qualify for undercard race purposes based on the Bank of America Challenge Championship undercard preference system. (Please consult the Bank America Challenge Condition Book for preference system.)

Click here for a complete list of Bonus Challenge races, including conditions and track contact information. NOTE: The list posted at this website may not have complete conditions for every Bonus Challenge race. It is your responsibility to contact the host track for complete conditions.

Nomination information for Bonus Challenge races may be obtained from each host track, not from AQHA.