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AQHA's award-winning magazine is one of your many member benefits.

America's Horse magazine is one of AQHA members' favorite member benefits. Don’t miss out on this amazing resource, offered to you 10 times a year.*

Start learning more about horse health, horse training, trail rides, tack tips, foundation horse bloodlines and people just like you who love their horses.

America’s Horse is filled with informative articles that help you make the most of your experience with horses, whether it’s keeping them healthy, correcting behavior problems or having fun on the trail.

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Receiving America’s Horse is one of the best parts of being an AQHA or AQHYA member! The award-winning magazine is the largest equine member publication in the world, reaching 280,000 members 10 times a year.
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A Look Inside of the September 2014 issue of America's Horse magazine:

  • "You Is Important" -- The owner of our cover model found inspiration in some movie lines, and she refused to give up on this now-fabulous gelding. 
  • Bluegrass Cowboy -- Meet this Thoroughbred trainer with a cowboy heart.
  • Asked and Answered -- So you want to be a horse trainer? Get some insight into the life of 20-something trainer Sarah Winters. 
  • Haltering and Bridling -- Buster McLaury explains how careful handling can prevent problems from cropping up – and it can also address existing problems. 
  • A Vacation With History and Heritage -- After spending a weekend with these AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders, author Mark Bedor was able to check an item off his bucket list.
  • A Vacation With History and Heritage -- After spending a weekend with these AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders, author Mark Bedor was able to check an item off his bucket list.
  • Horse People -- Meet a determined young trainer from Missouri and a generous horse owner from Mississippi.
  • Readers Write -- Letters and fun photos from AQHA members
  • AQHA Business -- The All American by AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr.
  • The Gallop Report -- Every Horse Has a Story by Holly Clanahan
  • Find It in the Journal -- A preview of something for everyone from our sister publication, The American Quarter Horse Journal.
  • Bits & Spurs -- A special birthday wish for a youth member, fun foal names and a legislative update.
  • Mane Events -- Check out our stable of great corporate partners and see what AQHA events are on deck.
  • Sage Remarks -- Quotes and quips about horses.

Extra Features Included in the August Digital Edition:

  • Bone up on pop culture trivia with this video clip from the movie "The Help," which played a crucial role in our cover model horse's training.
  • Watch Sarah Winters in action and learn about her history with Road to the Horse in these videos.
  • See some beautiful scenes from the AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder Lazy K Ranch and learn more about its offerings in this video.
  • Watch Zane Volkemann tells his story in this video from the University of Missouri Extension.
  • Enjoy this bonus page of horsey quips and quotations from literature and current events. 
  • From the Archives: Chubby raced through the Great Depression and into American Quarter Horse history. Find out how in this May 1949 article from The Quarter Horse Journal. 

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