Your Horse’s Resolutions

Find out what our American Quarter Horses are striving for in the new year.

The American Quarter Horse Association
December 31, 2013

Photo of Investment By Clue was submitted on AQHA's Facebook page by Kelly Sommers.

This photo of Investment By Clue was submitted on AQHA's Facebook page by Kelly Sommers.

We asked our Facebook friends, “If your horse could talk, what would his New Year’s resolution be?

We got some wonderful responses! Join the conversation at www.facebook.com/aqha1.

Kristin McLaughlin’s horse says: To stop being afraid of the mini horse.

Mary de Dufour’s horse says: To go on more trail rides!

Anne Renfroe’s horse says: To work less, eat more.

Melissa Wise’s horse says: To eat more treats.

Shoshana Av’s horse says: To not puff with an attitude every time my human mom cleans my rear hooves.

Kate McGonigal’s horse says: To try new techniques to train my human this year.

Nancysu Herron-Joines’ horse says: To avoid wearing white.

Sharon Clark’s horse says: Go on a diet.

Mary Walter’s horse says: Check more pockets for cookies.

Haley Rienstra’s horse says: To stop walking in slow motion on the way to camp, then speed up on the way back to the horse trailer.

Apryl Gresham’s horse says: To stay away from chocolate and cookies.

Jeannine Gruber’s horse says: Avoid ice and cold.

Lisa Tellinghuisen’s horse says: To run as fast as I can to all three barrels and turn them smooth and quickly just like mom's been teaching me.

Emory Michele Diaz’s horse says: Get more hugs!

Pegi Tougeron’s horse says: To stop nipping my human… if she gives me more treats and carrots.

Tina Bailey’s horse says: To hunt more carrots!

Amy Slusher’s horse says: To learn more tricks, because more tricks mean more cookies!

Leanne Moss’s horse says: To stop attempting to buck Leanne off.

Eileen O'Donovan Flatgard’s horse says: To spend more time with the 2-year-old grand kid in the saddle and less time with mom schooling me. Also, more carrots and no more shots from that guy in the white pick-up truck!

Vickie Ann Tima’s horse says: To have more time with my person.

Sharon Mcpherson’s horse says: To try, try, try not to do ornery things.

Cheniaya King’s horse says: To make it to the finals for Cavalcade!

Jayne Edge’s horse says: To try harder to understand my owner.

Charlene Sterken’s horse says: To convince my owner to lose some weight.

Cindy Oster Holzinger’s horse says: To get my lead changes this year.

Dolly Birkle’s horse says: To not allow the herd to make my decisions for me.

Jonathan Randall’s horse says: To stop cribbing!

Elora LaDell Wymore’s horse says: To work on sitting down around the barrel when mom says to.

Sandy Mietz Allen’s horse says: To be less spooky.

Amber Nelson Reimer’s horse says: To be the best barrel horse I can be.

Samantha May’s horse says: To keep the grass belly off.

Katelin Jenkins’s horse says: To hit the trails more and the show ring less!

Haley Jo Floyd’s horse says: To find out what "lame" is and how to use it to my advantage.

Melissa Jacobs King’s horse says: To let my mom start catching me.

On behalf of all of us at AQHA, have a very happy New Year! Our office is closed January 1, but we look forward to serving you on January 2.

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