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See what AQHA members are reading this month in the August edition of America’s Horse magazine.

America's Horse
August 13, 2013

August America's Horse

What are you missing in the August edition of America's Horse magazine?

If you’re not an AQHA member, you’re missing out on some great deals. And, you might not even get to meet Pancho and Lefty or see a picture of the horse named Barnaby Chex with the actor who played Barnaby Jones.

First things first, you might know “Pancho and Lefty” as the outlaw song made famous by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. But that’s also the title of Earl Kuhn’s signature artwork for the 2013 America’s Horse in Art Show & Sale. The painting graces the cover of the August issue of America’s Horse, and inside the magazine, you’ll read the stories of the horses – one fictitious and one who helped Earl’s son, Kerry, get his start as a horse trainer and clinician. You’ll also be treated to more equine eye candy – sculptures, paintings and drawings that are part of the show and sale that benefits the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum.

Now, if your pop-culture knowledge told you that Barnaby Jones was played by Buddy Ebsen, the actor who was also famous for portraying Jed Clampett in “The Beverly Hillbillies,” you might be interested to learn that Buddy was a horse lover. The Ebsen family bred and raised the 1973 colt Barnaby Chex, and today, you’ll often find Buddy’s daughter, Cathy Ebsen, in the AQHA show pen. Her story – and that photo of her famous father – are in the August America’s Horse.

America’s Horse is just one of the many benefits that come with AQHA membership. Members get 10 issues a year, which may come with a few pop-culture references but really center around the American Quarter Horse culture. It’s the people and horses that make our breed the best, and you’ll meet many of them in the pages of America’s Horse. Here’s more from the August issue:

Journal Editor Christine Hamilton was working on a story with AQHA Professional Horseman Al Dunning when he offered her a surprise cutting lesson. Knowing full well how fast those horses move, she worried briefly about hitting the dirt but then decided to take Al up on his offer. Ride along with her as she describes the exhilaration.

Can you pick up the correct diagonal at the posting trot without looking down at the horse’s shoulders? AQHA Professional Horsewoman Julie Goodnight tells you how, plus much more, in the final installment of her three-part series, Back to Basics.

If you’re not an AQHA member, join today and gain access to the digital version of America’s Horse at www.aqha.com/americashorse. If you’re already a member, then hang on to your hat, because we’ve got a great issue coming in September, featuring the surprising Quarter Horse connections – both past and present – of a leader of Texas’ 19th-century revolution. You won’t want to miss it!