Educational programs and field trips are available at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum. To book a field trip for Kindergarten to twelfth grade students, please contact the Museum at (806) 376-5181.

For helpful hints before arriving for your field trip, please click here.

Before Your Visit

We have designed lesson plans and curriculum to prepare your classes for their visit to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum. We have a WOWW approved curriculum based on state TEKS requirements that incorporate the American Quarter Horse, as well as horses in general.

These were put together to aid the educator; however, can be changed to meet each specific classes needs by the teacher. Various subjects are covered including Science, Math, Reading/Language Arts, and Social Studies.

Objectives: the student should know the relative ideas and details within the program theme report. Students can also tell the story of the horse as it pertains to the theme.

Power Point Presentation
Lesson worksheets if desired

Review Program Theme Report
Review Power Point
Print relevant worksheets

Find out what the students know

To view the curriculum and lesson plans, please click here.