Relative Proportions

It will be observed that the frontal line of the head is nearly or quite parallel to the slope of the shoulders.  Taking the head measure from the poll to the extremity of the upper lip, as a unit, it will be found to enter as a factor quite accurately into several measurements. 

The length of the head AB is almost exactly equal to the distance:

1.  From the top of the withers to the point of the shoulder CD;

2.  From the lowest point of the back to the abdomen EF;

3.  From the point of the stifle to the point of the hock IJ;

 4.  From the point of the hock to the lower line of the hoof JM;

5.  From the shoulder blade to the point of the haunch LM.

Two and one-half times the head gives

1.  The height of the withers C above the ground;

2.  The height of the top of the croup above the ground;

3.  Very nearly the length from point of shoulder to point of buttock DH.

Do not expect every horse to fill these conditions, but remember that a small fraction of the length of the head added to his height or length will at once give the animal an abnormal appearance.  The length or height of a horse will seldom, if ever, equal three heads.

2008.8.14, Photo Courtesy of Phil Livingston