Troop K

Tenth U.S. Cavalry

The first black soldiers mobilized for service in Cuba during the Spanish American War of 1898 were the 24th and 25th Infantries and the 9th and 10th Cavalries.  These men first assembled at Chickamauga Park, Georgia, to prepare for the Cuban campaign.

Appointed General of the Armies in 1919, making him the second highest ranking general in American, John J. Pershing served briefly as Regimental Quartermaster of the famous 10th Cavalry during the Spanish American War.  Pershing joined the 10th Cavalry at its staging area in Chickamauga Park, Georgia and worked tirelessly to prepare it for movement to Cuba.  He had a huge task as much equipment was outdated or missing and rail transportation to Florida was delayed due to congested rail lines and poor organization.  At Tampa, Florida he loaded the Regiment onto transport Leona and supervised unloading at Daiquiri and Siboney, Cuba.  Pershing saw the first combat of his career at Kettle and San Juan Hills.

This stereograph shows the Buffalo Soldiers and their mounts at Chickamauga Park, Georgia preparing for transport to Tampa, Florida. Stereograph circa 1898.

2014.8.22, Courtesy of The Library of Congress