Tenth Cavalry Review

Dublin, Kansas

Company A of the 10th Cavalry served at Fort Larned from 1867 to 1869.  Here they faced resentment and jealousy from the white infantry soldiers stationed there.  Even though separate companies usually kept to themselves, they did work alongside one another.  It is not difficult to image the jealousy and resentment a company of infantry might feel on a long day’s march in the hot Kansas sun to be passed by the cavalry effortlessly striding by on their horses.

On January 2, 1869, the 10th Cavalry stables at Fort Larned burned, destroying huge stores of hay and grain, saddles, ammunition, and killing 39 horses.  The cause of the fire was never identified.  Instead of launching a full investigation, the post commander instead sent the 10th Cavalry to Fort Zarah to avoid further trouble.  The 10th was the last cavalry unit to be stationed at Fort Larned before the fort was abandoned in 1878.

This photograph shows the 10th Cavalry review at Dublan, Kansas, near Fort Larned.

2013.35.7, Courtesy of The National Archives