Tenth Cavalry

Fort Huachuca, Arizona

The athletes of the 10th Cavalry at Fort Huachuca were very good.  In track and field, a combined team of the 10th Cavalry and the 25th Infantry won the Southern Department meet in 1920.  The 10th won the Pistol championship at the Eighth Corps Rifle and Pistol Competition in 1921. 

Rifle competition was fierce.  Each year the men were required to shoot for qualification as part of their normal training duties, so most men were very familiar with their rifles and were excellent shots.  In 1925 for instance, close to 96 percent of the 10th qualified with rifles, 100 percent with automatic rifles, 86 percent with pistols while dismounted, 98 percent with pistols while mounted, and 97 percent qualified with the saber. 

Qualifying records for 1927 indicates the consistency in the quality of their training.  At that time, 96 percent of the men qualified with the rifle, 99 percent with the automatic rifle, 92 percent with the pistol while dismounted, 99 percent with the pistol while mounted, and 99 percent with the saber.

This photograph shows members of the 10th Cavalry at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, c. 1920.

2013.33.2, Courtesy of Fort Huachuca Museum