Tenth Cavalry

Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Being daredevils, the men of the 10th Cavalry often challenged each other in various unofficial horse competitions.  One favorite ‘sport’ was riding two, three, or even four horses at once, standing with their legs on the outside horses.

Horse shows were held several times a month when the 10th Cavalry was at Fort Huachuca, and were considered both training and sporting events.  Winners of these competitions could not compete using the same mount in the same judging class during the remainder of the training year.  This kept the competitions more interesting and made the outcome more reliant on the man rather than the mount.

This photograph shows Buffalo Soldiers of the 10th Cavalry conducting drills on the Fort Huachuca, Arizona parade grounds.  This photo nicely dispels the notion of all cavalry horses being dark, and follows the practice of grouping similar colored horses in a troop so that field commanders could identify troops at a distance.  Photograph circa 1920.

2013.33.6, Courtesy of Fort Huachuca Museum