Rifle Platoon Soldier

Fort Riley, Kansas

The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments were stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas several times during their history.  On the eve of World War II, the 9th and 10th Cavalry became part of the 2nd Cavalry Division which was stationed for a time at Fort Riley.

When the 10th Cavalry arrived at Fort Riley for their base of operations in the 1860s, their assignment, in addition to garrison duty, was to protect transportation routes that were being constructed.  In the spring they were sent to guard construction crews and ensure safe travel, and then spent their winters at Fort Riley.

Later, when the 9th Cavalry arrived at Fort Riley, railroads moved them quickly to various locations, such as the southern border of Kansas, to keep “Boomers” from illegally entering Indian Territory.

Fort Riley became the headquarters for the U.S. Cavalry School, until the Cavalry was disbanded in 1944.

This photograph shows a soldier of a rifle platoon of a cavalry troop while stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.   Photograph circa 1942.

2014.8.16, Courtesy of The Library of Congress