Ninth Cavalry

Fort Riley, Kansas

The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments were stationed at Fort Riley several times during their history.  Shortly after their formation in 1866, the 9th Cavalry passed through en route to permanent stations in the southwest.  They returned during the 1880s and the early part of the 1900s before being permanently assigned as troop cadre for the Cavalry School during the 1920 and 30s. 

This photograph shows a group of men from the 9th Cavalry wearing Masonic gear.  This group of Prince Hall Masons are seated in front of the 9th Cavalry Amusement Hall at Fort Riley, Kansas.  The officer seated in the front row, dark blue uniform, right of center is the Chaplain, George W. Prioleau, founder of the 9th Cavalry Lodge.  When he came to Fort Huachuca, he founded Prince Hall Lodge before he retired from the Army.  Photograph circa 1910.

2013.33.9, Courtesy of Fort Huachuca Museum