Heroes of San Juan

Ninth Cavalry

From the March 9, 1905 “Muskogee Cimeter”

After the oath of office had been taken and the inaugural address delivered, the President proceeded from the Capital to the President’s stand at the White House where he reviewed the parade.  This stand was upon the same spot where President Johnson, Generals Grant and Sherman reviewed the armies in 1865.  There were more than 40,000 men in the military and civic parade.  One thing possibly gave us more pleasure than anything else was that the black battalions of the Republic were well represented in the parade.  Our soldiers and our leaders in civil life were well represented and made quite a creditable appearance in the parade.  When the heroes of the 9th Cavalry marched down Pennsylvania Avenue they looked like bronzed statues and were cheered to the echo at every point.  When they passed the President’s stand and saluted the chief, he arose, waved his hand, and said “Those boys were with me at Santiago.”  The expression recalled to our mind how bravely our boys had fought for the old flag, by the side of the man who rules the nation, at El Caney, San Juan Hill and Santiago.

This stereograph shows the 9th Cavalry in Theodore Roosevelt’s inaugural parade, March 1905.

2014.8.14, Courtesy of The Library of Congress