Elijah Cox

San Angelo, Texas

While in Texas, the proud soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalries built and renovated dozens of forts, strung thousands of miles of telegraph lines, and escorted wagon trains, stagecoaches, railroad trains, cattle herds, railroad construction crews and surveying parties.

They opened new roads and mapped vast areas, all while horseback.  They recovered thousands of head of stolen livestock for civilians, brought dozens of horse thieves to justice, and pursued Indian raiders, often having to stay on the move for months at a time.

Buffalo Soldiers played a major role in settling Texas, and many of them returned after their service.  Elijah Cox was a Buffalo Soldier who served in Texas, and returned to make a home in San Angelo, Texas, near Fort Concho.

This photograph shows Elijah Cox, retired Buffalo Soldier outside his home in San Angelo, Texas.

2014.1.4, 5, Courtesy of Fort Concho National Historic Landmark