Roger Archibald

Roger Archibald was born and raised in Arizona. As a young boy, he would help his brother-in-law start colts and doctor cattle. After high school graduation, Roger worked full time for various ranches and feedlots. Looking back, he regrets not taking his art more seriously, but admits that at 19 years of age, it is a heck of a lot more fun to rope and doctor one than it is to sit down and draw one!

For the most part, Roger is a self-taught artist, but has taken classes at Phoenix College and Scottsdale Artist School. His work has been featured in Western Horseman, Western Cowman, Art of the West, Art Life, Southwest Art, Art Talk, Western Art Collector and on the covers of Rand’s Custom Hats, Ranch World ads and the Southwest Quarter Horse magazine.

Roger is an award-winning artist winning first place at the National Livestock Cowboy Classic, Western Artist of America and The Bosque Art Classic. He is dedicated to preserving a way of life that is very much alive today—on paper, canvas and in bronze.

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