Mikel Donahue

Mikel Donahue is best known for his impeccable depictions of cowboy life. His colored pencil drawings and paintings portray ranchers and their livestock during the day-to-day ritual of sun-up to sun-down work on the ranch. What may seem mundane chores are captured and translated through his artistic style into moments of meaning and reflection.

A past career in commercial design helped Mikel perfect his sense of composition and understanding of the principles of design and form.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Mikel was taught about ranch life by his paternal grandfather, who raised cattle in north central Oklahoma. His maternal grandfather exposed him to western art at an early age. Fascinated both by life on the ranch and the iconic art by the likes of Charlie Russell and Frederic Remington, Mikel has become a perfect amalgam of his influences.

A multiple award winner, Mikel has been featured in several magazines, including Art of the West, Western Horseman and America's Horse.

Mikel is currently represented by Trailside Galleries, Altermann Galleries and Settlers West Galleries. He has donated works to benefit the fundraising efforts of many organizations, including the American Quarter Horse Association and the WRCA Crisis Fund.

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