Geri Dunn

Born in Lawndale, California, in 1967, Geri Dunn and her family moved to the Santa Ynez Valley, just north of Santa Barbara in 1976. This event changed her life dramatically, providing an outlet for her creativity and shaping her desire to draw the West as she experienced it.

Mentored by Daryl Desmond and Oregon State University art professor, Carl Seyboldt, Geri received a strong foundation to follow the natural gift of drawing that began when she was 9. Her artwork has been greatly influenced by Robert "Shooly" Shufelt, Frank McCarthy, Paul Calle and William Matthews.

Geri's artwork can be found in Adobe Western Art Gallery in Fort Worth. She is an active member of Western Artists of America.

After calling the Santa Ynez Valley home for 32 years, Geri currently resides in Carrolton, Texas, with her husband and two Shelties.

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