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University of Minnesota

“Reducing Waste Associated with Outdoor Feeding of Small Square-Bales”

Past studies have focused on large round bales and have found that hay waste from nine different round-bale feeders ranged from 5 to 33% while not using a feeder resulted in 57% loss. Other studies have found that feeding hay in a stall without a feeder resulted in 7% waste compared to 1% waste when a feeder was used. Research in yearlings fed from feeders or off the ground resulted in an 18.5% improvement in feed efficiency for those fed in feeders. This study will measure hay waste, herd weight change, and the economics of using three small square bale feeder designs (hay rack, slat feeder, and basket feeder) vs. feeding on the ground.

Investigator(s): Krishona Martinson PhD, Marcia Hathaway PhD and Craig Sheaffer PhD

Be sure to read about updates on this research in the June issue of  The American Quarter Horse Journal.