Volume Records

Learn more about the official AQHA records system designed specifically for large-volume (commercial) users.

Below are frequently asked questions received regarding AQHA Volume Records. To purchase or access Volume Records, visit www.aqhamembers.org; you must be an AQHA member with a PIN to access the Member Services area to subscribe to Volume Records.

Mr MeyersWhat is Volume Records?

Volume Records is an official AQHA records system designed specifically for large-volume (commercial) users, such as pedigree service providers, sale catalog producers, large breeding operations, etc. Offering volume discounts, expedited service and data directly from the official source of AQHA performance information, Volume Records is accessible to both PC and Mac users.

How can I benefit from Volume Records?

1. Users can order and download large numbers of AQHA records quickly and easily at a discounted rate.   

2. Users can make payments easily and safely through AQHA’s secure site or by mail.  

3. Volume Records offers 51 AQHA records, available for download in a matter of seconds.  

4. Reports are generated in text format, allowing users to print their reports instantly or download to a hard drive for processing.  The text format also allows users to open the reports in Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad and other similar programs. To allow pages to page break correctly, click the 'Printing Tips' button to learn how to change your print margins to accommodate the reports.  

5. Volume Records keeps the user’s last 50 orders available for re-download at no additional cost.

How do I decide which service I need: Volume Records or AQHA Internet?

Volume Records is designed for users ordering large numbers of AQHA records, such as those requiring hundreds of AQHA reports each year. Members who order AQHA Internet reports on an occasional basis will benefit from AQHA Internet Records, which offer HTML-format records that can be ordered one horse at a time. Because Volume Records are designed for commercial use rather than personal use, they do not offer as much detailed information as AQHA Internet Records.

How much does Volume Records cost?

Volume Records requires a $500 annual subscription fee in addition to the costs of the records purchased. Volume Record reports are half the price of AQHA’s Internet or in-house (mailed or faxed) records. For example, a sire record costing $82.60 via AQHA Internet Records or in-house costs only $41.30 through Volume Records. For large-volume users, Volume Records provides incredible savings throughout the year.

What are my payment options?

Volume Records requires payment in advance according to the following procedure choices:

1. Create a positive account balance ahead of time, by credit card (online or by phone) or by mailing a check or money order to AQHA;

2. Pay for each group of records as they are ordered by credit card, or

3. Select the “Bill Me” option for subscription purchase or adding money to your account. A bill will be sent the next business day. When you pay the bill, the money will be added to your account or your subscription will be activated. You will not be able to purchase and use reports until the money is in your account. Money may be added to your account any time via www.aqhamembers.org, telephone or mail. Money will remain on your account securely until you spend it toward records. Mail checks or money orders to: AQHA, Customer Service-Volume Records, P.O. Box 200, Amarillo, TX, 79168.

How does the Import Horses option work?

This option allows you to copy a list of up to 500 horses from a spreadsheet or other electronic list directly into the Volume Records system, eliminating the need to hand-enter each horse.  Follow these steps to use the Import Horses option:

1. Using your computer's normal copy and paste function, copy your list of registration numbers or horse names from your spreadsheet or other document.

2. Click the ‘Import Horses’ button.

3. Click on either the ‘Reg Number’ or ‘Horse Names’ button.

4. Paste your list inside the ‘Paste Here’ text box.

5. Click the ‘Process Paste’ button.

6. The Volume Records system quickly validates your list one horse at a time, records the price and enters it into the entry table.

How do I get my reports to print correctly?

You must print your Volume Records reports from a word processing or other text processing program. For your reports to page break properly, you must change your margin settings. You can do this each time you print a Volume Records report, or you can change your default margin settings. Click on the ‘Printing Tips’ button for instructions.

To purchase or access Volume Records, visit www.aqhamembers.org; you must be an AQHA member with a PIN to access the Member Services area to subscribe to Volume Records.