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AQHA's Breeder Referral Program helps you find a horse breeder and the horse of your dreams.

AQHA's Breeder Referral Program brings together the horse industry's most reputable breeders for people like you who are interested in horse ownership. These recommended breeders can answer many of your questions and help you purchase the horse that is right for you.

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Breeder Referral Program Code of Ethics

We the members of the American Quarter Horse Association Breeder Refferal Program, in carrying out our role as breeders of American Quarter Horses, recognize the need to do so in a professional manner, and to deal with the public and our colleagues with the highest degree of integrity. Therefore, we have set forth the following creed which shall govern our endeavors to fulfill our obligations:

  • To support AQHA’s mission of preserving the integrity of the American Quarter Horse breed by upholding quality, selective breeding standards and maintaining accurate records
  • To ensure that the welfare of the American Quarter Horse is paramount and that every American Quarter Horse shall at all times be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion
  • To conduct all business affairs with integrity, sincerity and accuracy in an open, forthright manner
  • To handle breeding operations and business dealings in a manner which promotes the image of the American Quarter Horse and instills confidence in the industry

Of course, your success in the show ring depends in large part on finding the horse that’s suited to you and your needs. Our Breeder Referral Program is designed to help you do just that. Every day, we help match up members with breeders to find the right horse based on such criteria as location, area of specialization, and a horse’s training level.

And just like AQHA’s Association of Professional Horsemen, you are assured that the breeders we refer have agreed to uphold the highest of ethical standards and to preserve the quality of the breed. The Breeder Referral Program also can help you find stallion services for your mare, embryo transfer and shipped semen service as well as stabling, mare care and foaling services.